Loose skin, bags, wrinkles under eyes.

I really need some advice on the skin underneath my eyes it is really bothering me a lot. I recently lost about 30 pounds and I feel like my face looks very deflated and beneath my eyes is saggy, looks awful when I smile and is puffy. I really cannot afford surgery. Are there any more conservative options that might help me? This has become so bothersome to me and has affected my self-esteem so much.

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Lower eyelid wrinkles

Hello! Yes there are several non-surgical options to help you. Cost wise, the least expensive and most effective would be skin resurfacing. Moderate to deep peels are less expensive than lasers and will nicely tighten skin. Botox would help the wrinkles formed with movement but is temporary and requires mainenance. An injectable filler would improve the outer region of your eyelid where you have a "double bubble" or hollow under the eyelid. A filler would last longer than botox. Good luck!

Indianapolis Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Dark Circles, Eyelid Wrinkles/Bags Treatment -- Laser Resurfacing, Clear+Brilliant, Micropen, Viva, Ultherapy/Thermage

Dark circles and wrinkles improve after lasers, microneedling/PRP, and fillers. I suggest you see an expert for  treatment options.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Lower eyelid rejuvenation

Hi thanks for the photos and question. Lower eyelid rejuvenation entails several treatments. Surgery (blepharoplasty) is a good option for you (cost aside) to help remove the extra skin, tighten the lid, remove excess fat. Occasionally this procedure is combined with tear trough augmentation with filler or fat grafting to help build support and frame the eyes for best results. More conservative options include resurfacing with laser or chemical peels to help tighten the skin. Botox will help the wrinkles from muscle movements but will not remove lines that are there even when you are not making facial expressions. All these treatments have pros and cons. Discuss this with a facial plastic surgeon or plastic surgeon who does facial procedures to get an inperson evaluation and opinion. Thanks and good luck

Jeffrey Jumaily, MD
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Wrinkling lower lids

You have some wrinkling and hollowing of the lower lids.  Surgery to remove some of the excess skin would be a good option.  Some laser resurfacing is a good way without cutting to improve the skin texture.  Some HA filler such as Restylane would also help - adding volume will make the area appear smoother. 

John J. Martin, Jr., MD
Coral Gables Oculoplastic Surgeon
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