Buccal fat removal or jawline botox? (Photos)

Hi, my both cheeks are uneven. Right cheek is bulkier than left. I have done 2x jawline botox 3 years ago with 4 months apart, 30units on each side every time. However, i dont see the significant result i wanted because the fat under the skin is thicker than the masseter. The bulge still protrude out of the midface eventho the outline of the lower face maybe slightly smaller. Should i do both approaches? I have consulted 4 doctors. 2 said my musscle is bulky, 2 said my musscle is not that bulky.

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Buccal fat and jawline

Thank you for your pictures.  I think the most important thing to understand here is what buccal fat pad removal does, and what it does cosmetically.  The buccal fat pad is in front of the masseter muscle, above the jaw bone and below the cheek bone (very crudely speaking).  By carefully removing it, you improve the highlight of the cheek bone and of the jaw line - in effect giving your face a more chiseled, contoured look.  In this manner it can improve the appearance of the jawline, but it is not actually affecting the underlying structures.  Botox to the masseter does exactly what you described - slight improvement to the lower face, but it is temporary.  Without a full exam and being able to see your entire face both at rest and in motion it is difficult to determine whether or not a buccal fat pad surgery is worth considering.  I hope some of this helps.  

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