Making Nipples Smaller For Men

When I went through puberty (23 now), I seemed to have suffered some gyno (I believe thats the correct term). My nipples are puffier and larger than most men. I work out daily and have a good build, but the larger nipples lowers my self esteem. Is there a surgery to fix this? If so what is the average cost? What type of doctor would I go see? And what is the average recovery time? Thanks, Dan

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Puffy Nipples Gynecomastia

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Even with minimal breast tissue enlargement, an enlarged areolar diameter tends to produce a feminized breast/chest appearance. For patients with an enlarged areolar diameter, an areolar reduction can be performed in addition to direct excision of breast tissue and liposuction. This requires an incision, and thus a scar, that encompasses the entire circumference of the areola. However, the scar is usually obscured fairly well by the color difference between areolar skin and the adjacent chest skin, and the reduced areolar diameter can be critical to producing a more masculine appearance of the anterior chest.

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Making Nipples Smaller For Men

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You are likely a good candidate for this procedure but photos and examination will help determine that. Cost in this region is around $4-8K depending on experience and OR fees. Seek a plastic surgeon with specialty training in gynecomastia surgery.

Puffy nipple gynecomastia

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There are many patients who are of athletic build but still have prominent puffy areolas.  Some patients will notice that when their nipple is contracted they are happy with their appearance.  However, when the nipple/areola is not contracted when they are warm it is noticeable through their t-shirts.


1. Surgery usually takes between 1-2 hrs.

2. Patients are wrapped in an ace bandage for 1-2 days after surgery.

3. After 48 hrs most patients switch to a compression shirt

4. Time off work is usually 4-7 days depending on occupation and severity.

Don't worry, this a common condition among many men and it is treatable.

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Hi Dan,

Without a proper physical examination or some pictures (although photos don't always do justice) to gain a better understanding, it will be hard to tell what you are exactly suffering from, what the degree of it is and what treatment you require.

From the conditions you mention sound like it is a breast tissue enlargement. It is important for you to know that male breast enlargement is not permanent and is surgically treatable.

As far as recovery goes, the first three to four days after surgery are the most difficult. There will be incisions to keep clean and certain pain relievers may be prescribed to you to help you feel better as you heal.

All told, you’ll need about two months to recover completely. However, three or four days post-surgery, you should be able to resume your normal daily activities, or most of them. The exception is driving. It’s best to wait at least seven days after your operation before taking the wheel.

My advice would be to look for a board certified, well experienced & highly rated surgeon in your city and visit him / her for a consultation.

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Without photos it is not possible to determine if you have true gynecomastia or simply need liposuction. If you are concerned with the diameter of your areola, a mastopexy would reduce the size of the areola.     I would see a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss.     

Gynecomastia Answers

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Dear Dan,

Gynecomastia, or gyno, develops in puberty when testosterone levels surge and some of it is transformed into estrogen and stimulate the breast bud which both men and women are born.  If it persists longer than 2 years, it usually will not reverse and surgery is required.  This is the most common procedure that I perform in my practice and I have developed a technique with no scar on the chest, no drainage tubes, and return to no workout restrictions in three weeks.  Patients are back to desk jobs in three days. 

I hope this has been helpful to you.


Robert D. Wilcox, MD


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Thank you for your question!  It is hard to tell exactly what you suffer from without a physical examination.  I suggest you seek a board certified plastic surgeon and have a consultation.  Best of luck!
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Puffy nipples is usually a result of excess glandular tissue, which is a condition called gynecomastia. This can be corrected by removing the excess tissue, as well as possibly reducing the size of the areola. The cost would be about $6000 to $7500 in Canada. A board certified plastic surgeon would be able to fix this, but make sure they have experience in this concern.

Don't worry - your problem can be fixed

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It sounds like you have gynecomastia - the enlargement of male breast tissue.

About 80% of teenage boys get it, and frequently it doesn't go away.  So don't freak out about it.

Surgery can often totally correct it.  And as the tissue is removed the nipple get smaller and less puffy.

It is treated by a plastic surgeon.  Peruse this site and you'll find questions and photos answered by experienced doctors.  Choose one or two and go on consultations.

Prices will vary between doctors, their experience, the type of anesthesia, and a number of other factors. Ask the price when you call the office.

Gynecomastia is relatively common and easily treatable

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Gynecomastia can occur very commonly during puberty due to normal hormonal changes. Nipples may be swollen and tender. Typically is resolves after puberty but in some men, despite normal weight it can persist. Correction is a simple procedure involving reduction of underlying breast gland (and fat if present) through very small incisions leaving little scarring. Usually the skin shrinks but occasionally with a more extreme condition, the skin may need to be reduced as well. 

Minor outpatient surgery, minimal discomfort and quick recovery. Cost varies by geographic region and doctor's practice.

Schedule a consultation with a Plastic surgeon to learn more details.

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