Doctor Recommendation for Macrotia Surgery

Hi there. Well after a otoplasty, i realized that i needed is a macrotia cause my ears lenght is 7cm. and almost 4cm width. Its really hard to find an experienced doctor in this procedure.

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Macrotia Reduction Surgery

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Reduction in the height or length of the external ear (macrotia reduction) can be done several ways. The most dramatic change can be affected by using a traditional cancer excision approach where a full-thickness wedge is taken from the upper third of the ear. This does leave a fine line scar across the helix and is only used when more than a cm of height reduction is needed. For lesser degrees of macrotia, cartilage resection can be done from the crus leaving a much less obvious scar that does not cross the helix. It is important to remember that it is not necessary to have ear heights that are perfectly matched since both ears are rarely seen at the same time. If you can get your ear heights within 1 cm or so of each other, that would be aesthetically adequate.

Surgery for Macrotia (Large Ears)

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The dimensions of your ears are only slightly larger than normal. Sometimes, based on the size and shape of your head slightly larger ears than normal may not appear unusual to anyone else. Reduction of the size of the ears is commonly performed for advanced skin cancers involving the outer edges of the ears, and often have very acceptable results. However, there is always a fine scar left behind. My experience is that it is rare to have ears too large that reduction is needed and people only generally notice ears that are porminent or stick out too far.

Temp Patterson, MD
Burley Facial Plastic Surgeon

Macrotia repair

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The average male's ear dimensions are 6 cm length and 4 cm width so your ear is not that much larger than normal.  My guess is that a taller individual will have a larger external ear so without knowing your height it is difficult to tell if it is proportionate.  When cancers are removed from the auricle it becomes smaller and can actually look fairly normal but is it worth having a smaller external ear if it ends up looking abnormal?  Only you can decide if that is an acceptable risk.  As best I can tell your external ear configuration has all the normal folds. 

Mark Loury, MD, FACS
Fort Collins Facial Plastic Surgeon

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