How Long Will the Stiffness Last?

i had Otoplasty ear pinning exactly one year ago and my ears are still stiff, is that normal? also the result is not what i expected, since the stiffness is still there does that mean the ears are still healing and i should see improvment after the stiffness goes away?

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Otoplasty to Correct Protruding Ears

Otoplasty is an excellent procedure used to correct aesthetically unpleasing ears.  Numerous surgical procedures are used to correct ear protrusion. The selection of procedures is based on the underlying cause of the protrusion. Some patients benefit from placing simple stitches in the ear cartilage to reposition the ears closer to the head, while other patients need cartilage removal. Often these procedures are performed in combination.  With both techniques, scar tissue formation is normal, and helps to hold the ear in its new position.  Scar tissue is most likely causing the stiffness which you are referring to.  I would suggest not manipulating the ears with massage, etc to soften them, as these things may cause sutures to fail.  I would suggest following up with your surgeon with any concerns.  Good Luck.... Dr. Corrado

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Some Ear Stiffness May be Permanent After Otoplasty

The two most common problems requiring an Otoplasty is an ear that lacks folds of cartilage within itself and ears that stand up to sharply against the bone. Most otoplasty candidates have some of both problems.

If the only thing that needs correction is the lack of internal cartilage folds, the sutures placed to create the folds will not affect the ears "stiffness", at least not as far as how it moves against your skull when you tug on it.

If your ear stood to sharply off of the bone, then there are likely sutures that were placed between the ear cartilage and the bone.  These will prevent the ear from moving around as easily.  This affect is likely permanent. 

As far as your ear appearance is concerned.  I expect at one year the appearance is probably more or less final.  If you are not pleased with it, I think it is worth discussing with your surgeon.

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