Could Lump on the Nose Be Swelling After Rhinoplasty?

I underwent a Nose job 14 days ago to remove a hump and to elevate the tip. So far, not so good. After removal of splint and swelling subsided, I found that a small lump is still on the left side of my bridge and more to my frustration day by day, I find that the tip is going downward.

When I asked my doctor he said that its not a bone its residual swelling and the tip after time will go upward is it true? Any help or advice? Should I wait? What to do?

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Rhinoplasty Recovery after Hump Removal

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The nose undergoes significant changes in the first 2 to 12 weeks following rhinoplasty. Swelling can persist during this time, particularly in the tip and over the area where a boney hump was removed. The swelling can also fluctuate.

Following a hump removal during a rhinoplasty, it is very common for there to be excessive swelling over the central portion of the nasal bridge overlying the area where the boney hump was removed. This area often appears more swollen that the rest of the bridge and can remain swollen for several months. As a result, patients frequently worry that the bump will be permanent.

If the bone was adequately reduced, that bump should disappear as the swelling subsides over the first several months. Be Patient.

Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Post rhinoplasty complaints

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 Some irregularities may appear after a rhinoplasty.  Some do disappear as time goes by because of differential swelling. However, it is unlikely that a tip will go up again if the tip is already  dropping.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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It is best for you to wait to judge this.

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 It takes 6-12 months for the swelling and differences of the 2 sides to resolve. Be patient and it is unlikely that you will need anything else done.

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Unfortunately, you need to give Rhinoplasty results time

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Many things happen after a rhinoplasty procedure that produce a significant amount of swelling. This can significantly alter the shape of the nose. In some cases, patients are very happy with their early result and not so pleased several months later. In other cases, patients are unhappy with their early result and much happier months later.

Most patients understand that the procedure involves changes that are not interpretable. It takes time for the swelling to subside and the results to show. Usually, this is between 3-6 months. Stay confident and in contact with your surgeon during this tough time. Good luck!

Sirish Maddali, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon

14 days is too soon to see your final result after Rhinoplasty.

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The residual fullness on your bridge may well be swelling that could take several months to completely resolve.

I don't think your tip will rotate up with time. Gravity has the opposite effect. In any event, there is no emergency, and you should wait for the swelling to completely resolve before considering any intervention.

Feel free to post / email me a full facial frontal and profile photo, and I'll be happy to give you my thoughts.

Best regards.

Eric M. Joseph, MD
West Orange Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Too early to evaluate rhinoplasty results

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It is too early to evaluate the result. You need to give more time and let your nose go through healing process. Re-evaluate the result after six months.

M. Ryan Khosravi, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Need to wait more time after Rhinoplasty

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It is still too early to make any final judgements.

I have had patients with large humps who required more time for the swelling to go down. In some cases, it has taken just 2 weeks, in other cases, it has taken 2 months.

I recommend you give it more time. Also, make sure to follow all instructions and return for all of your post-operative visits. Let your surgeon know about your concerns. I am sure he/she will take good care of you.

John Diaz, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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I would give it more time

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Unfortunately, 2 weeks after a rhinoplasty is very early, and you will see some significant changes in your nose over the next several months. It's way too early to know if the bump that bothers you is from swelling or a residual anatomic structure.

Hopefully with time, it will settle down as most things do.

In regard to your nasal tip, that also may change with time and so it takes several months after rhinoplasty to really know what your final result will be.

I would stay in close contact with your surgeon who should be able to help you through the process.

Samson Lee, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon

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