Will Up Turned Nose After Rhinoplasty Improve Later On?

I had Rhinoplasty, only to remove a small bump. Surgeon was not supposed to turn up the tip of my nose, now 1 month post-op he admits he did "just a little". I hate it, looks like a snout. Will it improve (come down more), what should I do?

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Your tip will come down.

Gravity causes the tip of the nose to come down in just about everyone after rhinoplasty. If the up-turn is mild, it will slowly de-rotate and look better with time.

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Turned up nose after rhinoplasty

It may it may not. There is not anything you can do to make a difference at this point and only time will tell. My advice is to not think about it. Mark the date on your calendar one year from your procedure. Forget about it until then. On that day look in the mirror and decide whether you like the new nose or not. If you still hate it then you can consider a revision. Understand though that revision surgery is more difficult and that unless the problem is significant it may not be worth it.

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One month after Rhinoplasty is too early to tell

You should wait until a year to really ascertain what your nose looks like. Due to the swelling and scarring it can take a long time for the underlying nose shape to show. You may not be happy with the result at one month, but that does not mean it will stay the same. Gravity can certainly pull the tip downward, but it does depend on what was done to suspend the tip. Give yourself and your nose some more time to recover.

Don't obsess and keep staring at it. Let some time pass, 6 months to a year, then decide if you are truly unhappy. If so, seek the opinion of a good plastic surgeon versed in revision rhinoplasty. Good luck NurseB!

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1 month after rhinoplasty

It is too early to assess the result of a rhinoplasty. It can take up to a year for the final result to show up. With time the nasal tips do come down a little bit but that might not be enough. After the healing is complete and you still fee the tip is turned upwards, it can be improved by augmenting your nasal dorsum with a cartilage graft. You should not rush into revision surgery without obtaining several opinions from your local facial plastic surgeons.


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Rhinoplasty tip lift

Usually time and gravity will bring it down a bit. Early post-op, the tip is swollen and taped and the tip usually appears over elevated. If your surgeon removed some caudal septum or placed sutures to suspend your tip up, then you may not come down as much as you would like.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Gravity is sometimes our best friend

Dear B,

It is not unusual for a post rhinoplasty patient to "hate" their immediate result (see post rhinoplasty dissatisfaction syndrome). This most prominent body part essentially defines our self image. So, your self image has been altered. The good news is that the overwhelming majority of patients come to process and appreciate their new self image in a few months (assuming, of course, that your tip was rotated within the accepted parameters of aesthetic ideals). More good news in your case is that gravity does derotate the nasal tip over time. This process may take years to decades however, depending on your surgeon's technique of rotating your tip. I would have a frank discussion with your surgeon delineating your concerns. Perhaps, there are some maneuvers that you can perform to hasten the healing and settling process. Good luck!

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The nasal tip almost always drops after rhinoplasty

The major problem most patients experience following Rhinoplasty is that the tip drops after a year. Most good rhinoplasty surgeons try to avoid this problem by lfiting the tip at the time of surgery so that after the nose has healed and the tip drops, the nasal profile will look normal without a drooping nasal tip.

I can assure you that by one yaer your tip will be lower than now.

Be patient.

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