I think my cinching suture got broken (left side of my nose only). How is this gonna effect my nose or anything else?

(from my operative report) Finally, very conservative alar base resections were done and a single 3-0 PDS cinching suture was placed between the two alar bases. also been experiencing headaches and pain in that area immediately after the break. 3 month post op.

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Possible suture break after rhinoplasty

Possible suture break after rhinoplasty  is rare because there is very little movement of the nasal anatomy after rhinoplasty.   Thank you for your question.   Although rare your condition is not impossible and you must see your plastic surgeon and have a physical examination of the nasal area to determine what the problem is. If there is a break in the suture and a discrepancy in the nostril size an office procedure could fix the problem.   Best wishes in your recovery!

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Suture brake after rhinoplasty

Dear Dores you can not decide it yourself. Please call your doctor and ask help from him/her. Suture breakdown is rare after rhinoplasty because most of the sutures are only placed to keep the cartilages together and none of them have tension. Unless you have a strong trauma to your nose sutures will not break spontaneously. Do not be anxious please.

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