Is there any surgery to push ears forward and make them bigger? (photo)

I have naturally small pushed down ears to the point where it doesn't even look like I have ears. Especially when I take a picture my ears are invisible. Is there any surgery or injections that can make my ears pushed more to the front?!?

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Ear surgery

As I'm sure you know, it is more common to pin ears back than try to bring them forward.  What you are asking to be done may be reasonable, however, there is no standardized procedure to accomplish that.  Unfortunately, if you have surgery done, it will be more complicated and who knows if it will work.  It will be like you are being a human Guinea pig so I would advise against any surgery at all.

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The more common otoplasty procedure is designed to pin the ears back. Fortunately, there are surgical techniques that allow us to push the ear more forward. This specific otoplasty is done by sculpting the cartilage of the ear in a way that allows us to place strong, permanent sutures to prevent the ear from pinning too far back. This procedure results in more forward looking ears and is customized to your desired look.

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NO Show Ears

Thank you for your picture.  I agree with Dr. Edelson.  There is no standard for this.  Thus any attempt would be experimental.  

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