EarFold removal? (Photos)

Earfold implants are so visible to me, ears are over-corrected. I have been asked why my ears look funny which makes me feel self conscious. The only good thing that has come about this is that my ears don't stick out. Still experience discomfort 2+yrs on. If I were to have them removed: will the skin heal normally over where the implants were inserted? Will my ears go back to how they looked before the procedure? Will I be able to have traditional pinnaplasty once they are removed? Thank you.

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Many thanks for your question. You no doubt have visible implants and these can be removed. You will still be able to have a pinnaplasty by other more traditional methods following this. At 2 years most likely on removal there will be recurrence of your prominence. Implant visibility such as this and any issues with over correction can be technique related or due to incorrect choice of EarFold for you as an individual. Be sure to see a specialist experienced in pinnaplasty and who has been trained in the use of EarFold. All the very best! Jonathan Adamthwaite 

EarFold removal?

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This is not an acceptable result. You should have the implants removed by the surgeon who operated on you. He will be able to tell you whether there will be no visible signs of the operation remaining after that. I hope he has enough experience with the removal of the implants and its consequences. Generally said, many surgeons don’t have enough experience with this method, as it hasn’t been performed for very long yet and only by a small number of surgeons.

After a traditional pinnaplasty there is no guarantee that unattractive signs of an operation won’t occur again. Visible unnatural edges and retractions of the skin of the ears can occur because cartilage is partly excised with the traditional method. If you want to be certain that there are no visible signs of the operation remaining, then the Merck Stitch Method is recommended as it is minimally invasive.

Waldemar Merck, MD
Germany Plastic Surgeon

Earfold Removal

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Thank you for posting your question and photos.  They do show some visibility of the Earfold devices.  These can be removed and it is likely you will have recurrence of some prominence.  You would still be able to undergo standard pinnaplasty following removal.

Reza Nassab, FRCS (Plast)
Manchester Plastic Surgeon
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