What procedure will give me more almond shaped eyes? Will a lateral brow lift help?

I am interested in a procedure that will give me more almond shaped eyes. However I do not want scars or complications down the road. Is it safe to get this look? And what procedure should I consider?

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Almond shaped eyes

There are several factors that contribute to eye shape. The position of the upper lid, the lower lid, the globe (eye ball) relative to the orbital rim (superior, lateral and inferior). An in-person evaluation is necessary to truly assess your situation. From the photo, your eyes look within the limits normal. A lateral canthopexy can change the angle of eye aperture or tighten the lower lid. Upper eyelids can be changed by removing skin or tightening the levator muscle. A browlift can open up the eye area but has little affect on the eye aperture and no affect on the lower lids. Please consult with a qualified plastic surgeon in your area.

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Almond shape eyes?

Thank you for posting your pictures. Don't do anything to your lower eyelids! Your eye aperture is aesthetically pleasant. Surgery might make things worse...Your upper eyelid has a very mild droop, which can be corrected with a small ptosis procedure under local/sedation. Hope this was helpful.

Jose Rodríguez-Feliz, MD
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What procedure will give me more almond shaped eyes?

I'm not sure if you need almond eye surgery but the general answer is yes, eyes can be possibly be made more almond shaped. However, the answer depends on the patient's anatomy and the goals have to be realistic with natural look in mind. See following link for more information.  (Almond eye surgery involved surgery on lower eyelids and lateral canthus; NOT brow lift.)

Mehryar (Ray) Taban, MD, FACS
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Please be careful what you look for, you might find it.

Lifting your eyelid up like that will take more than a lateral canthoplasty no matter what anyone tells you.  It is also not your issue.  Your issue is upper eyelid ptosis.  You have an early levator dehiscence ptosis with a compensatory brow elevation.  This combination makes your upper eyelid area look hollow and older.  Corrective microblepharplasty to correct the levator dehiscence ptosis, support the upper eyelid lashes and allow the eyebrow to relax, will restore the almond shape of the eyes.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Reshaping of the lower lid

From your photo you show that lifting the lateral aspect of your lower lid produces the look you like.  This could be obtained with a lateral canthoplasty which is a procedure to reposition the lower lid higher and tighten the lid slightly.  This procedure is performed through a small incision in a naturally occurring crease by the eyelid.

Mark Beaty, MD
Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon
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