MMA fighter wanting tip rhinoplasty. Could I get the tip rhinoplasty and go back to sparring in a month or so?

I am an MMA fighter. I've had surgery to correct a deviated septum (not from mama) and am no longer concerned with whether or not its straight, but I would like for the tip to be a lot smaller. It seems longer after having the surgery. Could I get the tip rhinoplasty and go back to sparring in a month or so? Would getting hit in the face alter the results?

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I wouldnt

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It is not a good idea to have a Rhinoplasty done if your going to continue to fight this will atler the results and be a waste of the surgery. 

Tip Rhinoplasty for MMA Fighter

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I strongly advise you to wait until after you stop fighting. Why spend the time and money when there is a significant risk of nasal trauma after surgery?

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty and MMA

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Thank you for your question. I would wait until you are longer fighting to have the surgery. Your chance for facial trauma is high, so why risk your result?

MMA and rhinoplasty

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Thank you for your question.  I usually advise my patients who box or fight professionally to postpone any elective facial surgery until after their careers.  This especially includes rhinoplasty.  In your sport, you are highly likely to experience a broken nose or cartilage fracture.  Any nasal surgery that you perform now may be altered by these injuries, but more importantly forms scar tissue and alters the vascularity.  Fractures in the future may necessitate further surgery and this is easier to correct if you haven't has one or more nasal surgeries in the past.  There are greater options for treatment when the nose has not been operated on previously.  All the best!

Tip Rhinoplasty and sparring

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Having worked with an MMA fighter in the past, my advice also is that you not contemplate a Rhinoplasty of any kind until you have retired from the sport.  If you had a Rhinoplasty, you would need to wait at least 2 months before risking any blow to the nose.

Performing a rhinoplasty on a patient engaged in contact activity.

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With the possibility of facial trauma quite high in your profession I would suggest you postpone any rhinoplasty until you have retired from the sport.

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