How often should I micro-needle at home for best results? Is it normal for skin to look worse the day after and then tighten up?

I've had success with home micro-needling using .5 mm under and above my eyes (up near brow, not on lid) and 1.0 mm on chest and neck and follow with non-acidic serums. I use the .5 every other day and the 1.0 about every 4th day. Off days, I use Renova. I am thrilled with the results which include skin tightening and softening of lines. Am I allowing sufficient time between rolling? Oddly, my skin is pretty saggy and puffy the next day but great by the second day. This happens each time.

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You are not going to see significant results with a 0.5 roller at home.  I recommend having a deeper microneedling session done with a doctor and then using that roller to help prolong your results.  At the doctor's office, you face is numbed and the needles can be over 2mm.  I have attached a video.  Hope it helps.
Dr. N

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Home microneedling regimen

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Home microneedling is safe and it does look worse for 24 hours before it gets amazingly better.

Dr H Karamanoukian
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We do a significant amount of microneedling in our practice and everyone looks more swollen and red the day or two after and then your skin improves.   We combine all our lasers with microneedling and PRP.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
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