Will Loose Skin from Lactic Acid Peel Ever Tighten?

I received 5 lactic acid peels over 3 months and stopped because I was experiencing new-onset increased skin laxity. Is this common? Will the skin start to tighten again?

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See your surgeon

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Lactic acid peels usually cause a little (very little) skin tightening. I have never seen them cause skin laxity. I would go back to your doctor and see if he or she can help you find out what might be going on.

Orange Plastic Surgeon

Chemical peel tightening the skin

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Unfortunately, superficial chemical peels will not tighten the skin much. Lactic acid usually creates a superficial peel with recovery within a couple days. Medium depth & deeper peels may tighten the skin over a few months after the initial peel. However, there is a longer recovery from the peel itself. Medium & deep peels may be with TCA, phenol, or other substances. The deeper the peel the better the results, however, the greater the risks and recovery period.

Lastly, non-surgical cosmetic facial treatments can only do so much to reverse aging. Some patients have enough skin laxity that only surgery will help create a desirable youthful appearance. Speak with a plastic surgeon specializing in facial procedures to see what options may be appropriate for you. Best of luck.

Houtan Chaboki, MD
Washington DC Facial Plastic Surgeon
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