Will Quitting Cigarettes Help Clear Up Skin?

I have really large pores, pits, and scars from acne. Will my skin clear up when I stop smoking and will need a Chemical Peel, too?

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Quitting smoking has many benefits


Stopping smoking will allow you to heal better after any procedure you might have to address these problems areas. Cigarette smoking decreases the blood supply to the skin (amongst other areas) and this is never good. Quitting has many benefits.

Good luck!

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There is no questions that smoking destroys the skin

Dear Sairy

Quitting smoking will not cure your scars from acne. However, the free radicals and toxins in the smoke are destroying the enzymes that repair the skin on a daily basis. The smoke products also destroy the elastin and collagen in the skin.

Stopping the smoking will help stabilize the skin and slow the rate of aging. This many not magically restore the appearance of your skin but it will slow its rate of aging and that is very important.

To effectively quit smoking, it is important to have a plan for quitting including making a date with yourself. There are a lot of great online resources for quitting.

Quitting smoking is hard but it is the single most important thing you can do for yourself.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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