I Pulled out a Very Long Stitch 1 Month Post Op Septorhinoplasty. Did I Just Ruin my Results?

I got a septorhinoplasty 1 month and 1 1/2 weeks ago. Today when I blew my nose a large clot of (sorry) boogers was coming out of my nose. I had to pull it out because it wouldn't blow out, and I felt a little pop inside my nose. I noticed there was a yellowy stitch that was about 1 inch long minimum in the tissue. It hurt to pull it out, and now I worry that I ruined my nose and am very scared.

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Stitch hanging out of nose after rhinoplasty

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You should notify your surgeon, as only he/she knows what type of stitch that was and what it was for.  In my experience, this is typically one of the absorbably 'mattressed' sutures that we use to close the septum.  As it breaks apart/dissolves, a longer piece may become visible.  I advise my patients to let me know if this happens, and to simply 'clip' the suture at the nostril and avoid pulling.  Again, in your case I would ask your doctor how they'd like you to proceed.

Hope this helps!

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Sutures after septorhinoplasty

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This stitch that you pulled out six weeks after your septorhinoplasty is most likely an absorbable type of suture that is used to hold the lining of the septum back in position after your rhinoplasty. At six weeks, the mucosa (lining) of the septum should be almost completely healed and the suture is unlikely to be necessary, so I would assume that no harm has been done.

Certainly see your surgeon to make sure.

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Postoperative rhinoplasty sutures

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It is most likely that you removed a septal suture that was used to hold the tissue to the septum. This typically is an absorbable suture and will likely have no impact on the outcome. To be safe, you may want to report this to your surgeon. 

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Post Rhinoplasty Cleaning of Nose

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Dear Kiyoshiflower, I would suggest seeing your surgeon and discussing the events listed above. Sutures are often dissolvable and and other sutures used are not and can come through the skin. The type of sutures used vary from surgeon to surgeon. See your surgeon for a follow up appointment so he/she may do a direct examination which will provide you the proper diagnosis. Best regards! Michael V. Elam, M.D. 

Michael Elam, MD
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