How Long Does a Blow to the Bridge of Your Nose Usually Take to to Recover?

I was headbutted just over a month ago and a small bump on the bridge of my nose has emerged I thought I would give it some time to heal but I feel it has not recovered it is giving me sore heads, sometimes trouble breathing, mild pain on the bridge of my nose, discomfort and mild around. the sinus areas. all I want to know is this natural ? should I give my nose more time to heal ? or should I go see my doctor ?

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Fractured Nose

I would expect 1month after such an injury the nasal bones would have healed and all the swelling would have resolved.

The concerns you have with breathing could be related to an injury to the septum and/or sinusitis. 

I would definitely seek the advise of your local practitioner who can arrange a CT scan of your sinuses which will also assess the integrity of the septum.

After that you can be referred to a specialist. 

Good luck.

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Nasal trauma

 Nasal trauma can cause a variety of issues such as broken nose, and a deviated septum, create headaches and sinus outflow drainage restriction. Best to seek  and ENT physician and possible CAT scan of your sinuses delineate the extent of the injury, and address the headaches

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