New crown is crooked and feels too high? (Photo)

I've just had 3 new crowns inserted on my top front teeth. One (front left) looks crooked and my bottom tooth is hitting it. I complained about the it being too high and the dentist (after trying to rectify it without success) suggested waiting a week to see if the tooth moves. But only after I returned home have I realised how crooked it looks too. Any advice?

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Uneven Crown

Ths is relatively easy to correct by recontouring the crown.  Have your dentist do it soon.  Waiting could cause problems.  

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Every dentist when making any kind of crown knows that one of the many things we should have in account is occlusion, which is basically how teeth should fit with each other when you bite. With a correct process of doing the crown it should fit perfectly at once when cemented. If for some reason it doesn't fit, it must not be cemented but corrected first and then sent to the dental lab for new finishing and then cemented. 
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Crooked crown

This is a situation that is easy to correct. Contact your dentist immediately., It's not ideal to wait for a tooth to move instead of adjusting the crown to the proper contour. Waiting can cause discomfort or breakage of the new crown.

Send this picture to your dentist.

You should email this picture to your dentist and ask for them to respond to you. I'm sure they will contact you to have you come back in and treat this further. 
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