Root canal tooth is broken to the gum line. I had a crown and broke with the part of my tooth. Any suggestions?

What are my option? Is the remaining tooth stron enough for another crown?

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Tooth Broken At Gumline

I would extract this tooth and have a dental implant placed.  This will be a much better long term solution than trying to save it .  

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Options for Tooth Broken to the Gumline

Without seeing your tooth and a film it is hard to say if the tooth is non-restorable.  If it is there are really two options: 1) Dental fixed bridge2) Dental Implant
If your adjacent teeth are healthy, a dental implant is often the option of choice as you will not need to do anything to these teeth.  Make sure you see a dentist with special interests in cosmetics and implant dentistry as there is a degree of skill and art with this type of care.

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Tooth fractured to gum line

Without obersving clinically and having x rays I can't give a final opinion but you will probably need the remanent of that tooth extracted and have an implant and crown over implant done. 
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Fix for broken tooth #DrSoftTouch

Hello there,
I'm sorry to hear that your tooth fractured. If enough tooth structure remains, a post and new crown would be recommended. However, usually a tooth broken at the gum line do not have a good prognosis.  If this is the case, removing your tooth and replacing it with an implant or bridge would be the best solution. I would recommend seeing your dentist as soon as possible for a complete evaluation. Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.

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Busted tooth at gum line

Hey there! if the tooth is shattered and its at the gum line, you really have one option- extract the root and the whole thing out. After that you have essentially four options:1) Do nothing (of course you'll have a gap there - which is not recommended)2) replace with a removable prosthesis- a flipper or removable partial denture3) fixed prosthesis- or bridge- depends on the health of the surrounding teeth4) implant- can replace the entire tooth- depends on how much bone you have in the area. Hope that helps!

Dr.Vilas Sastry

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Root canal tooth broken at gum line

Without X-rays it's impossible to diagnose accurately.  However, it there is enough tooth remaining it may be restored with a post and crown.  Prognosis long term for a tooth broken at the gum level is poor.  Your time and money maybe better used having the tooth extracted and restored with an implant or bridge.  

David M. Schertzer, DDS
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