Crown or veneers on dead tooth? (Photo)

My dentist is recommending veneers, but will crown it if I choose. The tooth was hit in an accident more than 25 yrs ago. It has turned colors slowly over 10 years. No root canal, but it does have a large filling. Which has less pain? Which lasts longer?? Which will be better in the long run? What should I do with the other front tooth?

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My suggestion: Crown vs. Veneers on your case

The decision of crown vs. veneers in your case depends mostly on how much tooth structure we have after the restoration is removed. If there is enough tooth structure, the another thing to consider is the tooth color discrepancy between the teeth, since it is a front tooth, aesthetics matter. To be able to match the color you dentist might have to do an internal bleaching of the tooth, but you will need a root canal for that, or he will need to remove a lot of tooth structures for the color not to show beneath the porcelain veneer. If too much tooth structure has to be removes for any of these reasons, then the safest option is a crown, if not, then you may be more conservative and do a veneer to maintain the most natural tooth structure as possible. 

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Crown or veneer?

Thanks for posting the picture. Either option is acceptable. It's difficult to see how large the filling is in your picture but if it is fairly large a crown may be more stable long term. The biggest problem is removing enough tooth structure to block out the dark color. If your dentist has an excellent lab they can match the other tooth exactly and you don't need to do anything to it, otherwise it may be easier to do a veneer on the adjacent tooth so that they can be made at the same time and match. Be very particular about accepting the restorations before they are bonded. You will be living with them for a long time. It would be unfortunate if the darkness showed through the crown or veneer and you were unhappy later. 

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