Lipoma Removal On Right Side of Abdomen. What is Down Time?

I have a lipoma on the right side of my abdomen that is being removed soon is there down time for that or extra precautions i should take?

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Abdominal Lipoma removal

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Lipomas around the torso and abdomen can be surgically removed as an outpatient procedure.  I would recommend that patients return to normal work duties within a few days of the procedure. Raffy Karamanoukian Surgery90210

What is the typical downtime for a lipoma removal?

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The downtime is typically one week after excision of a lipoma or other soft tissue removal. This will obviously depend upon the extent of the procedure and your healing process. If you have the procedure scheduled, I would recommend directing this question to the surgeon that will be performing the procedure. I hope this helps.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Downtime After Lipoma Removal on the Stomach

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In general, when I do an excision with sutures (stitches), I tell my patients to take it easy for at least a week, and sometimes even a second week (depending on the location and size of the excision).  It is very important to avoid intense exercise and any heavy lifting to minimize tension on the wound as it heals and to minimize swelling in the area.  If you are having a lipoma on the abdomen removed, it is likely going to require several sutures and it would be in your best interest to avoid exercise and heavy lifting for a good 10 to 14 days.  It is worth it in the long run to get the best cosmetic outcome and to avoid any infections or wound dehiscence (wound opening). 

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