Will a Lip Lift Correct a Low Smile Line?

I have a low smile lip-line, I know its genetic my father has the same thing. My top teeth don't show when I smile, only about 1mm of my top teeth show when I'm laughing. I'm wondering if a lip lift will correct this? I want to have a big toothy smile :D I don't have an underbite or an over bite. I do have a small mouth and thin lips which probably doesn't help too much with showing teeth when I smile. I'd just love to have teeth show when I talk and smile. Hoping to get some good news here.

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Lip Lift vs Lip Advancement for Low Smile Line

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There are two specific procedures to consider for a long upper lip (low smile line) and lack of significant tooth show. Either a lip lift or a lip advancement can be done and both can be very successful. Which one may be right for you depends on numerous factors and you would have to show pictures from the front and side for further analysis. Both will elevate the smile line and show more teeth but they have slightly different effects on the upper lip and understanding those differences is important in deciding which one is right for you.

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