Im 28. is It Possible for a Filler to Lift my Upper Lip in Order to Expose More Teeth (1mm)? (photo)

Im 28 years old and id like my upper teeth to show a little more when i smile. Im only like 1mm short of a nice smile. Id like to know if instead of a lip-lift, if a filler could help lift my upper lip slightly, I'm not looking a huge lift. If so, where on the lip would the filler be injected in order to get that effect?

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The ideal lip shape and upper tooth exposure

Generally, adding fillers whether they are permanent or temporary (e.g.,fat and Juvederm®, respectively) add spoke to the lip and therefore tends to mail the upper teeth as opposed to expose them. One can give the illusion of a shorter upper lip by judiciously injecting filler above the cupids bow to "play" with the light reflex around the white roll/ vermilion. if you are truly looking for a more youthful look shape and more upper tooth show (as seen in so many fashion magazines), then a surgical upper lip lift would be indicated.

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Lip Fillers Give More Fullness, But Rarely Lift the Upper Lip

Injectional fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm offer fuller lips.  You can gain more lip pout, definition of the lip border, and differential shaping.   Fillers are not very good at actually lifting the upper lip to give more show of the upper teeth.   A lip shortening procedure can do that quite well, but places scars on the lip/nasal area;  I would avoid this at your age.


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