Can Anything Be Done to Set Back the Philtrum Where It Connects to my Nose?

It almost seems to form a point in the front and is very thick at the top where it attaches to my nose. It's not wide when looking directly at it, it is actually pretty thin. But creates a terrible profile that really bothers me. Also wondering if there is a procedure for the excess skin that is on the outside mustache area of my mouth that creates a constant frown and makes a nice smile impossible.

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Nasolabial Angle Reduction and Corner of the Mouth Lifts

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You are referring to decreasing the nasolabial angle. This angle area can be reduced by removing the anterior nasal spine of the maxilla and shortening the lower end of the caudal septum. This will allow this angle area to recess back in. The overhanging corners of the mouth can be improved by a simple small procedure known as a corner of the mouth lift. This is where a small triangle of skin is removed just above the downturned corners to allow them to be repositioned at a more horizontal level.

Repositioning the Philtrum

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The soft tissue at the junction of your nose and lip can be resected allowing more posterior positioning and changing the angle.  The nasal spine can be reduced.  You should consider a chin implant to balance your face.

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