My left ear is bigger than my right ear, is it wise to get an otoplasty? (photos)

 I have had this simce I was little but when I look in the mirror I just hate my ears.

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One ear is bigger than the other

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No.  Otoplasty is meant to set back ears.  It is possible to do ear reduction, though there is normal variation between ear size.  In fact, almost everybody has one ear bigger than the other.  This is rarely noticeable as almost nobody ever looks at you directly from the front and is able to see both ears at the same time.  You are the only person that does that when you look in the mirror.

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An otoplasty can be performed on one ear in order to cause greater symmetry to both ears.

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     Thank you for your question as well as posting photographs. It appears from the above photos that it is your true right ear that has the asymmetric finding that can be modified to cause it to appear more harmonious with your left ear. Unless the photo you supplied has been flipped, it is your right ear that you may choose to undergo an otoplasty procedure. Your right ear appears to be lacking a well defined antihelical fold that is partially or possibly entirely responsible for causing the flaired appearance to the upper portion of your ear. You may also have conchal bowl excess on the right side that may also be contributing to your dilemma. Fortunately there are otoplasty techniques that when properly performed should correct the protruding ear on the right and solve your long standing disappointment with the appearance of your ears. Whoever you choose to complete this task should be very familiar and experienced in otoplasty. Also, your surgeon should most likely not cut through the cartilage of the upper portion of your ear in order to correct the poorly developed antihelical fold. Good luck and I agree that an otoplasty procedure may be right for you.

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Your left ear is more prominent than your right.  An otoplasty surgery would help to "pin back" the left ear to create more symmetry.  This is typically performed by placing sutures on the backside of the ear, to create a more defined antihelical fold.  The incision is placed behind the ear, so it is not visible.  It is an excellent procedure which can be performed under local anesthesia with mild sedation.  I suggest consultation with a surgeon specializing in facial cosmetic surgery.  Good Luck!

Anthony Corrado, DO
Philadelphia Facial Plastic Surgeon
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