Had breast implant illness, just had removal. What is the black inside the plug? Both implants have it? (Photo)

I had my saline implants removed 11 days ago they were over the muscle and I had a lift at the same time. My question is to the doctors who know information on Brest implant illness. I asked to get my implants back and I noticed inside each plug there black!!' What is that and what should I do protical wise to make sure if it's fungal to detox myself. I could not travel to the Ps who are well versed in Implant illness. What and why is there black inside the plug?

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Black spot on implant

The black spot is likely blood products.  Were the implants sent for analysis by the explanting surgeon?  I would discuss your concerns with your doctor and see if there any information is available from pathology.

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Material in implant

There is a small chance that the material in the area of the plug however in a paper on fungal infection in breast implants by Truppman, et al. the fungus was usually in the implant and was found when filling systems used where a metal valve and rubber tubing which was sterized for each case. Call the implant manufacturer and they will probably want the implant sent to them for evaluation. Since the implants are out you probably don't need any therapy.

Barry M. Schwartz, MD
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Breast implant sickness - what is the black around the valve?

Thank you for asking about your breast implant removal.

  • The black spot that you see is a tiny amount of something in the valve of the saline implant.
  • One can't tell what it is by looking but it most likely blood but may be something else.
  • Body tissue tends to slowly attach to the valve - the reason that they eventually leak.
  • The usual approach would be to send the implants to lab for examination and culture if there were any question of infection.
  • That cannot be done now -
  • My first question to you is - do you now feel better with the implants out of your body?
  • Usually patients whose problems are from implants, feel much better within days of removal.
  • If so, you are likely to be fine and do not need to do more.
  • If not, see your regular doctor for a full evaluation, looking for other causes of your sickness.
  • If you are still concerned, you can consult an infectious disease specialist about detection of occult fungal infections. 
  • Always consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  Best wishes. Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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Implant Illness?

If there is a slight chance you have implant illness, your implants should have been sent to pathology and not home with you.   Most likely, the black you see are blood products.  Discuss your concerns with your surgeon.

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
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Implant Illness

The dark color you see in the valve of the saline implant is most probably blood trapped in the valve.

The question why you "the patient: have these explanted implants????

If there was implant sickness and you had the implants removed, then the implants should have been sent for pathology or to the company for complete examination.

The implant cavity should have been cultured for bacteria, fungus, and every possible bacteria, the same for the capsule.

The dark color in the valve should have been cultured under sterile conditions in the operating room and sent for cultures of bacteria, fungus and every possible bacteria..

Now the implants are with you sitting under non sterile conditions, will get contaminated and examinations, cultures, watching is worthless and have lost the opportunities to make a good scientific conclusion.

There is nothing in the scientific literature to prove the effectiveness of detoxification other than taking your money. Any practice who has even 10 cases of reversal of symptoms after detoxification should report it to peer review journals and the scientists should weigh in on the conclusions. Meanwhile do not let non science play on your fears and symptoms. See your medical doctors, specialists for full work up and proper treatment.

Samir Shureih, MD
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Defective breast implants.

Most plastic surgeons know very little about disease from defective breast implants as mold biotoxin illness is politically incorrect.  Watch the implants over the next two weeks to see if mold grows inside the implant.  If you have a fibromyalgia type or neurological type illness, then you will need total capsulectomy, antifungals for several months around surgery, immune and endocrine support, and biotoxin detoxification to regain your health.  I have treated several thousand patients successfully with this disease.

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