is it important to have a full capsulectomy on a ruptured PIP implant?

Hi i explanted 4 days ago and my right PIP implant had ruptured, Surgeon said i had a very thin capsule on the ruptured implant and no visible capsule in the left breast, i have been very sick for many years prior to my explant. is it possible to make a full recovery with my capsules left behind? I am very concerned. my surgeon took swabs to the lab as i had a creamy substance found in the capsule. My ruptured implant was bright yellow in colour what does this indicate? Kindest regards

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PIP implants

From my experience it seems that when PIP implants rupture they do result in bright yellow fluid, quite unlike other implants. I have sent away bacteriology swabs and microbiology samples of this fluid in the past and they have come back showing no growth, even though the fluid looks as if there might be an infection. In fact I had a consultation with a lady today who had PIP implants removed at another hospital, who was admitted for intravenous antibiotics as they similarly presumed that there was an infection, but nothing grew. An infected implant would likely result in an increase risk of capsular contracture once the implant is replaced, but yours does not sound like an infection. I have also found the capsules around PIP implants to be very thin, and did not remove the capsules, instead opting for a capsulotomy after a very thorough washout, and have not had any problems to date.

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