Kenalog injections six months postop? (photo)

I received my surgery at the end of May. My nose is oily, thick-skinned. When I first got my cast taken off, my nose was very crooked and asymmetrical. The dr. injected me w/ a kenalog injection that day, and then two weeks later before I moved out of state. It's been 6 mos. and my nose is still very hard, swollen and off-center. I am worried about internal scarring, and the fact that it hasn't improved. Is it okay if I wait until December for another kenalog injection?

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Kenalog injections

I do use kenalog injections in a very dilute strength for certain patients where persistent swelling is a problem. The key here is to use a VERY dilute concentration and do do the least possible amount to induce some decrease in inflammation and swelling. The other problems with crookednss and asymmetry have nothing to do with anything but the surgery itself and the steroids will not help here. Your photos are too cloudy to evaluate but at a glance they do not seem to show much problem.

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Kenalog injections six months postop? (photo)

Reviewing the posted photos I really do not see a real issue but the quality of these photos is poor.///

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Kenalog injections six months postop?

I do not use steroid injections. The nose can be swollen for up to a year or more. Swelling will depend upon the nature of maneuvers employed, presence of grafts or implants, thickness of skin, open vs closed, revision vs primary, etc.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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