Silicone Gel Sheets or Liquid Gel for Keloid Scars?

I have two scars on my chest that were diagnosed to be of the keloid scar family. One is the size of a tic tac and I have received cortisone injections twice in both of them. The scars are beginning to flatten more, but are still very noticable because they are darker and more raised than my skin. Which is better to use on them, silicone gel sheets or liquid gel?

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To answer your question directly, silicone sheeting is better than the gel. The pressure of the sheeting adds to the benefit of the silicone. In fact, some researchers speculate that most of the positive affect of silicone has to do with the pressure phenomenon more than the silicone itself.

I agree with Dr. Johnson that injections are far more helpful than silicone. Plus, the injections do seem to be improving your situation. I would certainly continue with them. However, you should realize that the injections can, at best, only flatten the keloids and will not make them disappear.

One thing which is on the horizon for treating keloids is the injection of something called Avotermin. A recent study ( Lancet, April 11, 2009), shjowed tht this rcominant human form of transforming growth factor ( Beta3), substantially improved the formation of scars. It may eventually be standard of care for any surgical excision, especially for those prone to keloids.

Virginia Beach Dermatologist

Using pressure treatment and silicone sheeting for keloids

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Multimodality treatment is ideal for keloid scars and can include IIT, laser treatment, and pressure.  Most of these keloids can be improved with a specific regimen in my practice.  Surgery90210 Karamanoukian

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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Best keloid treatment

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In the scenario you describe, I would vote for the injections. The other products you mention are much LESS effective than the injections. If you are patient, it will respond.

Beverly Johnson, MD
Silver Spring Dermatologic Surgeon

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