Keloid on neck under ear. Now attached to ear causing numbing type sensation in area of attachment and ear itself.

I have a keloid that have many treatments has started to flatten. Unfortunately, as it regressed it also spread. It is now attached to the base of my ear (where the neck and ear meet). The actual scar doesn't bother me as much as the strange sensations i get at the connection as well as the outer and even upper parts of my ear. Are these nerves damaged? Is the scar growing again (why would I have the same feeling in the scar as I do a perfectly normal ear?). I've had my most success with cryo.

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Questions regarding a keloid is developed on my postauricular skin and neck?

Keloids often have strains and stations associated with them of hypersensitivity pain itching and tingling. Yours is a particularly large keloid and a difficult area. The treatments we have available to us are limited to steroids either topically or by injection, silicone gel sheeting, pressure, certain types of lasers and radiation. Radiation is usually given rate after the keloid is excised and this will suppress the excess scar formation. It may be worthwhile to consider excision, skin grafting and radiation usually two or three doses are given right after surgery

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Keloids! What to do?

Excessive scar tissue can form following skin trauma, burns and even surgery.  Healing usually is a very wonderful physiological process over time, but sometimes excess collagen (scar tissue) develops into a keloid or hypertrophic scar. These can be troublesome, itch, burn, enlarge and look unattractive. Certain drugs put into the scar (steriods) can reduce them over time. Certain lasers can also help reduce the redness some of the time. 
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Keloid scar

Thank you for your question and picture.  I would ask your Plastic Surgeon to try cortisone injections (something like Kenalog) to help reduce the keloid.  I have never heard of using cryo for keloid reduction.  Usually standard treatment is trying a steroid (cortisone).  Best of luck to you

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