One month after explant of 15 yr. old saline hard raised enlarged lymph under arm

24 yrs ago, when i was 29, I had DOW implants that were both ruptured after a car accident. They were not removed for six years. At 36 when they were taken out the scar capsule was removed and i had saline implants put in. Needless to say-I have several granulomas. One month ago I had my saline implants removed with a lift. The doctor said I had minimal scar tissue so he did not remove it. I now have a new enlarged hard lump in lymph under arm. Could this be a granuloma from not removing scar tissue?

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It could be, but it could also just be swelling within the lymph node as a result of the surgery (ie, without silicone particles).  Time will tell.  If it goes down over the next few weeks or months it was the former; if not, you have to consider that it is a granuloma and therefore have it removed for biopsy.
If there are no acute symptoms (fever, chills, sweats, redness, drainage, etc) then you have time to let it declare itself.  Otherwise, you may need to undergo intervention sooner.  You should of course remain under the guidance of your own plastic surgeon.
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