What procedures would I need to fix my uneven eyes and crooked nose? (Photo)

Neither of my eyes are the same size and my nose is crooked. I want to get these corrected but I do not know what I would need done. Is this even correctable, and would it improve my appearance and facial symmetry?

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What procedures would I need to fix my uneven eyes and crooked nose?

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Hi and thanks for your question. I agree that there is a difference in your eyelids and you have some deviation of your nose. I also need for you to understand that symmetry in the human being does not exists. There will always be differences between the right and let, particularly in the face. If you are willing to accept that fact, then there are suggestions. I will make.

A face to face exam is always required to best assess the problems. First, you need to have a septorhinoplasty. I feel that you would benefit from lowering of your dorsal hump , shortening the overall length of the nose, rotate the tip up slightly, straighten your septum and make your nose less wide by performing osteotomies ( breaking bones).  Second I would perform removal of upper lid skin with minor fat removal of your left upper lid. a better assessment needs to be made to make sure you don't have any true ptosis ( droopy lid).

You need to seek the advise of a board certified surgeon with plenty of experience. Remember this is your face....can't cover it up! Furthermore request to see before and after photos of previous patients by that doctor....not a clinic or surgery center. Do your homework......research and verify the doctor's credentials. Have they had problems with the Board of Medicine, disciplinary or otherwise. Any law suits?

How about the center, clinic or facility? Are they accredited by a national organization or do they just have State approval. Understand that at the current time, there are three nationally recognized organizations responsible for the highest levels of patient safety, AAAASF, AAACH and JCHO. You owe it to yourself to position yourself for the best possible results but under the most stringent safety regulations, If you have kids, even more so.

How about anesthesia? Will you have a medical doctor certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology or a certified nurse anesthetist (CRNA)? Understand that there is no substitute for research. Cosmetic surgery, no matter how simple it may be to the patients, are invasive procedures and as such carry certain risks and complications.

In our office we use TouchMD which is a web based program in which patients have the ability to load their picture unto the program. We accomodate patinets from as far away as California. I then evaluate them and can actually draw on the picture to show a potential patient where the incisions would be located and how the procedure is to be realized. It's all done to comply with HIPPA which is the federal law that protects the patient's medical information. Look them up.

Give yourself the highest percentage of a sucssesful operation. Good luck

    Crooked nose and sagging upper eyelid

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    Your crooked nose can repaired by a rhinoplasty and you do have ptosis of your right upper eyelid which can be repaired as well.


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    Thank you for the pictures.

    I believe that by having the Rhinoplasty procedure, you will enhance your face features. The eyelids will be a little more symmetrical but not in a big way.

    Dr. Campos

    What procedures would I need to fix my uneven eyes and crooked nose?

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         A rhinoplasty can help straighten the nose, and the eyelid asymmetry can be improved as well.

    Kenneth Hughes, MD

    Los Angeles, CA

    Crooked nose and uneven eyes.

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    Hello and good question to ask.  I agree with the other doctors in that you appear to have 'ptosis' of your eyelid.  This is a condition where the muscle under the skin that opens your eye by lifting the upper lid is weak or stretched out.  The surgery is fairly simple and involves a scar in the fold of your eye.  Your nose appears to be crooked probably from a deviated septum.  A septoplasty straightens the septum.  You may also need a rhinoplasty as well.

    Ptosis and crooked nose

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    Thank you for your question.  A full exam would be necessary to give you a more definitive answer, but you appear to have ptosis (drooping of the eyelid) on the right and nasal deviation to the right.  Ptosis repair is performed through a small incision in your natural lid skin crease (sometimes bilateral repair is necessary even if it seems to initially only affect one side).  Nasal deviation would be addressed with rhinoplasty and could also address any other concerns you have (more definition, dorsal hump, etc.).

    Asymmetrical Eyes and Crooked Nose

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    The asymmetry of your eyes can be improved by lifting the upper eyelid that does sag. Perfect symmetry is not normal and is not a goal. Your nose can be straightened with a septorhinoplasty.

    Richard W. Fleming, MD
    Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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    procedures to 6 crit good nose and asymmetrical eyelids

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     Everyone has some degree of asymmetry on their face due to congenital  embryologic development. Some folks have more asymmetry than others. Some asymmetry can be fixed, while others cannot.
     To repair a  crooked nose will require a rhinoplasty with osteotoimes performed on the nasal bones to straighten  and reset them. A spreader graft  composed of the patient's own cartilage may need to be placed on the concave side. The dorsal hump can also be shaved down if the patient desires.
     The eyelids are also asymmetrical and may be related to a slight amount of ptosis is present in the one photograph. The best to seek out and in-person consultation with at least 3 experienced eyelid and rhinoplasty surgeons. 


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    To improve these, at the minimum a septorhinoplasty to straighten the nose and a ptosis repair of the drooping eyelid to better match the more normal one. The specifics would depend on the findings at exam.

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