Will straining to pass stool do anything to my rhinoplasty?

I am 8 days post-op from my rhino/septoplasty. I was incredibly constipated for 5 days and now have hard stools that are difficult and painful to pass. I'm aware this is due to the medications I was taking. I've just taken miralax to remedy the problem, but i'm wondering if straining so hard over the last days can have a negative effect on my rhinoplasty final results or on the healing process. I did not get any nose bleeds, but I could feel lots pressure in my nose while pushing. Thank you!

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Straining at Stools After Rhioplasty

Hi E,

Be careful that you don't blow your nose right off of your face with all that squeezing (just kidding.)  You should use a laxative, eat fiber, and avoid bagels!  Immediately after rhinoplasty straining at stools could lead to increased blood pressure, bleeding, and swelling of the nose.  Good luck, be well, and please get your sh-t together!


Dr. P

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Rhinoplasty and constipation concerns

Dear Evitaz, Unfortunately constipation is a common problem after surgery due to the medications that are used for relieving pain. I have my patients start stool softeners the day after surgery and remain on those until they have finalized their pain medication. A diet of fiber, lots of fluids and avoiding cheese and other known constipating food are also reviewed during the preoperative process. If you continue to take medication speak with your surgeon regarding usage of a stool softener daily. Pressure from constipation and straining may cause bleeding however it sounds like you had no bleeding and you should not have any lasting healing problems due to the straining. Drink lots of fluids, eat fiber foods, take a stool softener (not laxative) until you are regular. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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Will straining to pass stool do anything to my rhinoplasty?

   The increase in pressure from straining may cause bleeding. 

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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Straining after rhinoplasty

Unless you seriously raise your blood pressure by straining (which is usually not easily possible), it should have no effect on rhinoplasty results.

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