Is It Possible to Get a Fat Transfer from Another Patient?

I have never heard of it but i feel it might be the only answer for me, just wondering if it had ever been done. My doctor took away way too much and i have no fat anywhere else on my body except my breasts, i just dont know what to do. Thank you

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No, you would need to use your own fat for a fat transfer

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Unfortunately, you can only transfer your own fat. The only exception would be from an identical twin to yourself. But, even in this case, you would navigating on unchartered waters.

Based on your pictures, I would suggest additional liposuction to try and even out the areas. The other option would be Smartlipo MPX on the skin tightening mode to help even out the areas. Good luck with your procedures.

No, it's not possible (except for twins)

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For the fat transfer procedure you need to use only your own body fat. It is not possible to harvest fat from another patient and successfully inject to your body. Based on the pictures provided by you, you still could be a good candidate for the liposuction from the abdomen area. I would definitely recommend to see an experienced plastic surgeon to determine what exactly could be done in your case.

Fat transfer from another patient. Can we share with each other?

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Ah, if only the world worked this way.

Fat is a living tissue.  It is you.  Someone can't give you their fat, because your body would see it as "foreign" and attack it.  Why can we do kidney, lung, and liver transfers?  For a large organ like the kidney, the donor has to be matched.  That match is not perfect though, so your body still sees it as "foreign."  In order for the kidney to live, those patients are put on strong medications to suppress their immune system.  Even with that, the kidney can be rejected. 

For irregularities, you may be able to improve some of it by doing careful refinements with laser or ultrasonic liposuction.  Find someone well versed in secondary liposuction cases to see if you are a candidate.

Lauren Greenberg, MD
Palo Alto Plastic Surgeon

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Fat transfer only from an identical twin

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If you had an identical twin, they could theoretically be a donor of fat to you without your body rejecting it.  Otherwise, a fat transfer from anyone else simply couldn't work and might be very risky.

Fat Transfer From Someone Else?

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Unfortunately fat cannot be taken from someone else and used for augmentation. The fat can only come from you!

If you are just trying to correct liposuction deformities then it is usually possible to find some fat from various areas.

You would need to be seen in person by a board certified plastic surgeon that performs a lot of fat transfer procedures. Your surgeon would have to evaluate you in person to determine first what is correctable and what is not, and how much fat would be needed to make the corrections.

No fat donors

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Fat cells are living tissue.  Your immune system will attack anything that is not your own unless it has exactly the same markers on the cell membrane.  This is the reason why all organ transplants have to be on life long immunosuppression.  At this point only an identical twin could donate fat cells to you.   

Can my friend be my fat donor ?

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Can my friend be my fat donor ? - only if your friend is also your identical twin. If not the process of immunologic rejection would cause all the fat to die, along with a host of other potential complications that would occur.

Fat Transfer : Can You Get A Donor?

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Good question but the answer is a resounding no!  It's not possible to have someone else's fat used for grafting unless that person is your identical twin.

I suggest you see a qualified plastic and reconstructive surgeon to discuss your concerns and options. You haven't mentioned where you would like to have the fat transferred to or how much grafting you require, but usually it is possible to find fat somewhere. Good luck!

Jill Tomlinson, MBBS, FRACS
Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

Using fat from another patient would simply not work...

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To answer your question, using fat from another patient would simply not work unless you have an identical twin.  When you remove fat from your body the fat consists of live cells, and if they are injected into a different person, their immune system would attack the cells, possibly causing a dangerous reaction.  I would see another board certified surgeon for a second opinion to see if maybe there are some areas in which he can liposuction some fat.

Fat grafting is a transplant of live tissue

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Any live tissue, like a kidney or heart must match your genetics identically or your body will reject it. Fat is a live graft. You can only use your own tissue.

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