Broken nose due to assault, what should I do and am I covered by medical card? (Photo)

I had my nose broken due to assault approx 3 years ago,I never followed up on surgery but at the time it was knocked right across the other side of my face and the A&E Dr just set it a certain way in his office(like the way you would fix a dislocation) since then I have had very severe post nasal drip and I feel like my breathing is not the same.i also have noticed that the septum and tip appear different to before and that I feel a lump on the bridge.what should I do?&would I be covered by hse?

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Thank you for your question. You should begin by consulting with a board certified facial plastic surgeon. The consultation will allow you to discuss insurance coverages, as some insurance providers will include reconstruction due to assault, accidents, trauma etc. Some surgeons offer pro bono surgery. For example, we at Clevens Face and Body Specialists offer pro bono reconstructive surgery to domestic violence victims.
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Insurance coverage for a nose injury

Get your nose fixed! Most insurance carriers will still cover nasal surgery under the "reconstructive" codes. You most likely have a deviated septum and turbinate hypertrophy in addition to your crooked nose. Most of the surgery (Naso-septal Reconstruction) would be covered except for correction of the tip which is cosmetic. However, the tip asymmetry may improve some after correcting the septum. Find a qualified board certified ENT/facial plastic or general plastic surgeon who still accepts insurance. Be sure to get "pre-authorization" for surgery from your insurance company. Good Luck!

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Correction of nose deformity after trauma

It seems that you have both functional and aesthetic nose deformity. You would benefit from septo-rhinoplasty, a procedure that will address your function (breathing) and external deformity of the nose. Depending of your insurance you may be able to have coverage for functional problem (septoplasty) but it is unlikely that it will cover external deformity. Some surgeons may accept this option and ask for extra payment for rhinoplasty out of pocket?

However, considering how difficult and convoluted this venture may be and the fact that you may not end up with the best surgeon for your problem, you should seriously consider consultation with a "nose expert" board certified plastic surgeon. Finding a right surgeon when it comes to nose surgery is the most important aspect of your search; otherwise you may end up with multiple surgeries and unsatisfactory result. Good luck.

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Post Trauma Rhinoplasty

Sorry to hear you experienced an assault.  If your nose needs corrective work post trauma it's best to consult with a board certified Plastic Surgeon or ENT(ear, nose and throat doctor)  Shape, size and breathing issues can be addressed to determine what corrective work is recommended.  Often post traumatic nasal surgeries are covered by insurance as well as airway constrictions.

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