Is it possible to make nostrils bigger? Has it been done successfully before?

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Is it possible to make nostrils bigger? Has it been done successfully before?

Hello snmsnm - Thanks for your question. Yes it is possible to enlarge nostrils.  However, it is only possible by adding tissue to the nostril in the form of grafts.  This is done commonly in reconstructive surgery, but does leave scars that may not be as ideal as one would like. I recommend that you consult with a rhinoplasty specialist in your area for more information. Good luck, Dr. Shah

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Is it possible to make nostrils larger? #rhinoplasty

The problem with enlarging a nostril is that this requires adding tissue to the nostril in the form of a graft or a flap. This tends to create unsightly scarring and contour problems with the operated skin. This is possible and is performed frequently during reconstructive surgery but I do not recommend this in most cases for purely aesthetic concerns as the end result is usually not favorable. Best.
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Making nostrils bigger

Making the nostrils bigger requires a composite graft of cartilage and skin from the ear. 
This procedure is usually performed to correct a previous reduction that was too aggressive. There will likely be visible scars after it heals. Patients with thicker skin may have more noticeable scars. I recommend seeing a revision rhinoplasty surgeon regarding this procedure. 

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Can nostrils be made bigger?

Sure nostrils can be made larger. It's not done often but it is done. However the indications for this are few and particular. Usually the narrowing is to such a degree as to cause breathing issues. The causes are mostly trauma related. Like scarring and contracture from a tube down the nose for a long time (think patient in hospital for weeks), or damage from inhaling recreational durgs (I've seen this once). A small piece of ear is use to make a "wedge" to open up the nostril. This is reconstructive surgery as the scars are noticeable and the beautiful curvature of the nostril rim can't be duplicated. It's not done (to my knowledge) for aesthetic reasons.

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