How much does insurance cover for a nose job?

I want to get a nose job done to fix the appearance of my nose and also some breathing problems. Will insurance only cover the breathing problem surgery or the whole thing?

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Depends On Your Medical History

Insurance coverage for the rhinoplasty depends on whether the surgery is strictly cosmetic, or whether there is a medical aspect to the surgery (such as difficulty breathing out of the nose).

The amount of insurance coverage will depend on your specific health plan.  Often the practice can give you an idea of what your cost will be, based on their prior experience with your insurance plan and the type of surgery you are getting.  Generally speaking, if the rhinoplasty is being done for some type of reconstructive need (such as a badly broken nose, or an obstruction that affects your breathing), the insurance companies are more likely to cover all or part of the procedure. 

However, if you have no history of injury or obstruction in your nose, and the surgery is for cosmetic purposes, the insurance usually won't cover the procedure and you'll have to pay out of pocket.  

I've included a video discussing rhinoplasty costs for additional information.

Good luck with your procedure!

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Rhinoplasty and insurance

Insurance typically will pay for the part of the surgery related to the breathing problem and possibly part of the anesthesiologist and operating room fee.  It does vary on a case by case basis and among insurance carriers.

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Costs of a septo-rhinoplasty

Any type of breathing surgery such as a septoplasty, turbinate reduction, or  spreader grafts  are usually billed to the patient's medical insurance, once medical necessity has been documented. Patient's co-pay and   deductibles will still apply. The rhinoplasty procedure is considered cosmetic as billed directly to the patient. A septoplasty and a rhinoplasty are 2 separate procedures that can be performed together, but the patient must pay for the rhinoplasty portion. The rhinoplasty is more complex and takes a longer period of time than the septoplasty procedure to perform. For many examples and more information, please see the links below

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Insurance coverage for nose job

Thanks for your question.
Insurance cover the functional or breathing issues or trauma induced problems.
The cosmetic portion is not covered by insurance.
There is a great deal of variability among different insurance companies with regards to the amount of coverage and different plans have different coverage.  Our staff help by finding out the amount of coverage after an examination and a possible CT Scan is done. 
Hope this is helpful.
Best wishes,
Dr Sajjadian

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Insurance only covers medically necessary procedure

The part of a rhinoplasty (nose job) that is cosmetic is NEVER covered by insurance.  The part that is not cosmetic depends on the patients.  For those who have breathing problems or sinus problems, it might be possible to get insurance coverage if certain criteria (set by the insurance company) are met.

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How much does insurance cover for a nose job?

     The breathing issues may be covered, but the cosmetic issues will not be covered.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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How much does insurance cover for a nose job?

Insurance will generally cover some or all of the functional portion of  your surgery. Any cosmetic work is billed separately. Since every patient's insurance is different, it is important to check with your prospective surgeon regarding what your specific plan may cover. I hope this information helps, and I wish you the best of luck. 

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Insurance Coverage for a Nose Job

It will depend on your insurance coverage but most companies will cover part of the costs of nasal surgery after documented trauma or correction of functional breathing problems. My staff assists our patients in determining what their policy does cover.

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Insurance Coverage for a Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty

Dear sunshine2020,

If any part of a nasal surgery is going to be covered, it will likely only be for the "breathing problems" or the septoplasty, insurance companies rarely cover the rhinoplasty portion, since that is cosmetic. Everyone's insurance is different so I would double check with your provider about your specific plan. Best of luck!

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