Do Inner Anchoring Stitches Take Longer to Heal Than Dissolving Outer Stitches?

I have a couple of questions.

Do the inner anchoring stitches take longer to heal than the dissolving outer ones?

Why do incisions blow apart/separate on TL and what are the usual methods of healing and how long can that take?


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Deep Anchor Sutures Sometimes Permanent

Depending on the surgeon, deep anchoring sutures for a thigh lift are usually very strong absorbable sutures or permanent sutures.  If they are the dissolving kind, it can take 1-2 years for those sutures to dissolve.  They have to be strong enough to hold the tension while everything heals over the course of a few months.  If they are permanent, they will always be there.

The scars have a tendency to widen with a thigh lift because there is always alot of tension on them, from sitting/standing/etc.  It is one of the downsides of the thigh lift - the incisions do not always heal as well as we would like.  I hope this helps.

Medial thigh lift

Medial thigh lift where the incision is in the grion area are under tension. There are few stitches that has to be anchored to the deep fascia or the periostium of the pubis, under the labia, to hold the scar in position and prevent it from migration and dehescence. They can not hold and pull on the labia, or descend to the upper thigh.These sutures are permanent sutures the rest of the sutures are disolving long term. The wounds need care constatntly, clean dry and apply antibiotic cream.

These scar can be extended to lift the anterior  and lateral thigh

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