What is the Difference Between a Sprial Thigh Lift and a Medial Thigh Lift?

Is there a difference in the way these two are performed or are names used interchangeably? Also is is safe to have a lower body lift and a medial thigh lift or spiral thigh combined into one surgery?

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I have not heard of the spiral thigh lift, but a medial thigh lift can involve incisions in the groin and/or ones that go down the inside of the leg.  As for the next question, I would not recommend doing a lower body lift with an inner thigh lift as the scars may stretch too much.


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There are several types of thigh lifts.


1) A crescent thigh lift is where the incision follows the bottom of the bikini or underwear line and the scar is usually concealed in reasonable underwear.  A crescent of skin and fat is excised from the upper inner thigh. 

2) A vertical thigh lift extends from the groin to the medial knee and removes a large elliptical area of skin and fat from the inner knee.


3) The spiral thigh lift is a variation on the medial thigh lift and describes more of a technique. 

A medial thigh lift or a spiral thigh lift can be combined with a lower body lift safely.

Congratulations on your weight loss journey.  

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