I'm 13, will my nose go back to normal after being hit in the nose 4.5 months ago? (photo)

My friends accident hit the tip of my nose it didn't hurt at all I bleed one cintemeter it was tiny I started wearing glasses for 2 months and than my nose bridge looks weird and diff can my nose fix its self it's been from January 18 till now it didn't go back to normal I'm 13 btw do I don't want surgery at all they might mess up I just want my nose back to normal I mean how on earth did my nose look diff from the tip and the bridge any suggestions is it swollen does swollen take 4 months hlp

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I'm 13, will my nose go back to normal after being hit in the nose 4.5 months ago?

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After 4 months with what sounds like minor trauma you can not blame this trauma on your maturation event. To me you are maturing and nasal changes occur. Best to seek IN PERSON opinions with a parent at a boarded surgeon... 

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I would discuss your concerns with your parents or legal guardians. As a minor you need approval and consent from your parents to have any medical or surgical treatment.

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Sometimes bad things happen even when we don't want them to

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If a person's nose looks crooked after injury, there's unfortunately no magical way to have the "original" nose back without resorting to surgery.  It's normal that you might just want the old nose back, but unfortunately doctors work with instruments and not magic wands.  If the problem is not that bad, it's OK not to have surgery.  If it really bothers you, you can consider surgery in the future when you grow up.  Although this may be upsetting at this time, it's best not to worry too much about it and let nature take its course, and see what you might need in the future.

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