I Want to Get my Hanging/drooping Columella Fixed?

hey...i am 18...and i have a hanging columella....it looks really bad....so basically i want to get a surgery done to get it fixed....ONLY the columella nothing else...but i have a few questions..... 1. How long will it take for my nose to look normal, if i just get the columella fixed(that is when will all the bandages and all come off?) 2. My nose is wide, so it won't become wider right after getting my columella fixed? 3. Will my nostrils flare?

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Fixing a hanging columella

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It is possible to perform just a columelloplasty and leave the remainder of the nose alone.  The columelloplasty can be done under a local or general anesthesia depending upon the patient’s desires.  There are no bandages placed after this type of procedure and it will not make the nose wider or more flaring after the procedure is performed.  Simply trimming back the membranous and cartilaginous columella will tuck the columella inward so it will no longer hang.  Please see the link below for a before and after photo of a patient who underwent rhinoplasty with columellaplasty.

Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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How to repair my hanging columella

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You seem adamant that the hanging columella is your only problem and that you only want this corrected. If this is true, the procedure may be very simple and done under local anesthesia. It simply involves an excision of the skin and cartilage that hangs down just inside the opening of the columella. It will not affect our nostril size or the width of your nose.

I suggest that an experienced plastic surgeon evaluate your nose and review your options.

Hanging collumella corrected with rhinoplasty.

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Go see a couple of experienced plastic surgeons.  Your questions cannot be answered in generalities.  You may need more surgery than you think.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Nose surgery,hanging columella

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" Hanging columella" to improve the nostril show, in not too complicated in  hands of comptent Plastic surgeons. It does not change the shape of a nose drastically and recovery is only few days. It does not increase flaring of nostrils nore does it cause widening of the tip. It is customarily performed by  closed rhinoplasties.  

Columella only fix

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You pose a lot of questions that are difficult to answer without pictures.  If indeed you only need the hanging columella fixed, the recovery is quick. The surgery can be done under local anesthesia and sedation. I would place a loose packing which would be removed the day after surgery, so no bandages after that.  There will be swelling, so it may take several weeks to see the "final" result. That being said, you should be OK to be seen in public in a few days. The width and flare shouldn't change depending on how things look now.

Paul W. Loewenstein, MD
Milwaukee Plastic Surgeon
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Hanging columella

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Are you sure it is a hanging columella? It is best to be seen in person for a proper evaluation of your issue.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Hanging columella correction is a small procedure

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Repair of a hanging columella is a relatively simple procedure with little down time.  I would expect your nose to look normal in a week.  The incisions are placed inside the nostril so there will likely be no bnadages or external sutures.  The surgery should not affect the width and flare of your nostrils.

Shim Ching, MD
Honolulu Plastic Surgeon
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Hanging columella rhinoplasty only.

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This surgery to lift your columella can be done under local anesthesia and you can go to work the next day. Very minor bruising. I would need to see photos to answer the width question. 

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Minor rhinoplasty to fix hanging columella

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If all that needs to be done is raising a hanging columella then that may be a 15-20 minute minor rhinoplasty with minimal swelling, bruising or downtime but without seeing you or examining you its impossible to say whether the changes will be good or whether they may throw off the balance of your nose and make the tip appear wider, etc.

Shervin Naderi, MD, FACS
Washington DC Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Hanging Columella Fixed with Rhinoplasty

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       These are all good questions, it depends on the actual anatomic problem and how it is repaired.  Pictures would help, but physical exam would be more helpful.  If the problem is just the caudal septum is too pronounced, this can be resected and should not change anything else.  If the footplates and medial crura have laxity, they can be sutured back to the septum.  This maneuver should not affect other dimensions either.  I usually perform this type of rhinoplasty under local anesthesia, and I take pictures right after the procedure.  The improvement is immediate and swelling is minimal.  I do not put on bandages for this.

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