Trouble Breathing 6 Months After Rhinoplasty- Swelling?

I was operated on my nose 6 months ago (open rhinoplasty) to make my nose more narrow and small. I still don't get as much air in my nose as I used to- except when I pull my cheeks right next to my nose outwards- why? What could have happened? My doctor won't give me an answer and I wonder if something possibly went wrong?

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Trouble breathing after rhinoplasty can be improved.

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It sounds like you have what is called nasal valve collapse.  This can be corrected with cartilage grafts.

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Breathing Problems After Rhinoplasty

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     The reason for breathing problems could be manifold and should be evaluated.  If the problem is the internal nasal valve as you suggest, the procedure to fix this involves spreader grafts, which will widen the nose.  It is important to realize that the nose has a functional role and a particular cosmetic appearance.  These can be at odds as they are in your case.  I do not think anything went wrong.  This is more a question of give and take in rhinoplasty, which may have to be revised to give you better breathing.  Good luck.

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