Can You Reduce the Verticle Length of the Alar Wing?

When looking at my long nose and pushing my drooping tip up i noticed that a lot of the vertical length comes from the area where the alar wing connects to the cheek, when i pushed up on my alar wing it caused a raised curve, i noticed that my nose looked a lot shorter and i liked what i saw. Is it possible to shorten the vertical length of my alar wing?

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Can You Reduce the Verticle Length of the Alar Wing?

 Without photos, of your nose, it's impossible to tell.  What may seem possible to you may be contraindicated aesthetically.  You should have in person consultations with experiebnced Rhinoplasty Surgeons that understand and follow the proper aesthetics of facial (and nasal) beauty for the creation of a naturally more attractrive nose and face.

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Rhinoplasty for long nose

I think that it is critical for you to be examined in person.  A nose can be shortened but it really depends upon how it looks. 

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Rhinoplasty can shorten alas.


To shorten the nose, one really has to do several things, but shortening the alar wings can certainly be part of the surgical plan.

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Reducing the Verticle Length of the Alar Wing?

Many thanks to your question.Its hard to answer without clinical examination and without any pictures.However I can tell you that yes its possible to reduce the length of the alae if this is causing the deformity of nose.Dropping tip will need lot more surgery to correct it you should know.

Wishing you good luck

Shorten Alar Wing in Rhinoplasty, Raise Tip, Decrease Droop and Length

     Absolutely, the apparent alar length can be shortened.  With regard to the shape of the ala, this can be altered as well, but not as predictably as the gross length.  The techniques needed would depend upon the relative strength of the lower lateral cartilage constructs, the total length needed to be removed, and the relative height of the dorsum.  Rotating the tip upward and decreasing the apparent length and height of the nose can be done through a multitude of cartilage trimming and suture techniques among others.  I diagram the rhinoplasties for the patients who are interested in how things are manipulated during the surgery, because these things can be difficult to understand with simply verbal description.

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