Dead Skin Peeled After a Chemical Peel. What Can One Do Now?

Peeled the dead skin off after a chemical peel putting the skin at risk of scarring. Please advise what one can do to help at this point. 

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Questions about picking at peeling skin following a chemical peel

 Go to your physician who did the peel immediately and be evaluated.  If your skin is overly irritated then either a topical steroid or an oral steroid may be suggested to decrease inflammation.  The early care of your skin following a peel is essential.  Also the depth of the peel will also effect your result.  Hopefully there are no open sores on your face after picking at the peeling skin.  

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Peeling skin off after a chemical peel

At this point the best thing to do is keep your skin very hydrated using a post peel balm or aquaphor. Return to your peel provider to have them asses your skin. Make sure to avoid the sun and wear your sunscreen to help protect from hyper pigmentation and scarring. In the future no more picking!

Pablo Prichard, MD
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Picked skin after a chemical peel

It's important to avoid the temptation of pick at the skin as it is peeling after a chemical peel.  It is better to apply moisturizer which helps the scale come off.  Have the person who did the peel evaluate your skin.  The application of a rich moisturizer or a topical steroid will probably be recommended. Don't pick next time!  Good luck!

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Treatment of skin after your peel

You should return to your doctor to be assessed.  Wash very gently and keep your skin moist with a product such as Aquaphor.  Avoid any sun exposure which can cause dark spots.  Hopefully, you have not caused any damage to your skin.

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