Treatment for Undereye Pigmentation After Chemical Peel Complications?

I got a medium TSA 35% chemical peel over a month ago. My skin is still recovering and I think it will be a couple months before the redness goes away. The worst hit were my under eye area. As my skin heals I am noticing hyperpigmentation in random areas on my face. I am very concerned about getting hyperpig. under my eyes as I already have very dark circles. Anything I can do to prevent hyperpigmentation from forming under my eyes while I continue to heal from the peel?

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Hyperpigmentation after a chemical peel

Hyperpigmentation is a possible complication with any chemical peel-- especially in people with darker skin and those who tan easily. With a TCA peel in a person more inclined to develop dark marks, pretreatment with bleaching cream may help. Post peel care is also very important in preventing hyperpigmentation. Make sure you are using sunscreen daily. You may also want to ask your doctor for a prescription strength bleaching cream. Good luck!

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Treatment for Under Eye Hyperpigmentation Secondary to a TCA Peel

A TCA 35% peel is fairly strong when applied a certain way and the redness you are describing can take months to go away.  Typically we try and avoid hyperpigmentation as a result of chemical peeling.  That being said, you may want to discuss with your dermatologist starting an aggressive bleaching regimen to try and lighten some of the discoloration. This would include hydroquinone and tretinoin (RetinA) and possibly a few other lightening agents.  These can be irritating and drying, especially on thin skin such as in the under eye area so make sure to use them as directed by your doctor. 

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