Fleur-de-lis or 360 TT with lipo?

I understand there will be a vertical scar and I can live with that if it will give the best outcome. I have lost 150lbs since 3/2015 from GS. Maintaining at 155-160 for 9 months now. I have 4 children all from csections. I am 5'2. I know I need an arm lift and breast lift with augmentation...thigh lift may have to wait until next year. My arms and stomach bother me most. Any advice or opinions on the best option for me?

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Not a one or the other deal

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The belt lipectomy (body lift, 360 tummy tuck) will help a lot with your back and love handles. The fleur de lis will help narrow your abdomen but at the cost of the vertical scar. I think you definitely want the belt lipectomy. Without a front view its hard to know if you need a fleur de lis. Good luck.

Massive Weight Loss...Now What?

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Congratulations on your weight loss! While physical exam is optimal, it appears that Fleur-de-lis Tummytuck with liposuction of your lower back may be your best option. Be sure to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon.Good luck!

Fleur-de-lis or circumferential TT?

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No frontal views, so will have to take it on faith that there is enough horizontal excess to warrant a fleur-de-lis TT.  Adding a lower body lift to make the procedure circumferential would improve the outer thighs and buttocks.  It's your call how much these areas bother you, but I am not that impressed by the photos.  If you do opt for a lower body lift, I strongly recommend doing the procedures in two stages.  Doing them together compromises the results of both due to positioning on the OR table.

Good luck!

Best abdominal procedure after weight loss

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Congratulations on your weight loss. I work with a lot of weight loss patients. You would benefit from either but a body lift will likely give you more bang for your buck in that it will give you a buttock lift and will help out your lateral thighs. 

The fleur-de-lis will give you a better waist line, so if you have the time and money and want the best shape possible, it might be worth doing the fleur-de-lis and then completing the body lift around the backside several months later. 

Also, if you are going to get the fleur-de-lis, it's also worth considering the Corset "Trunk" plasty procedure, since it is just an extension of the fleur-de-lis, but it has a very dramatic effect on your shape. 

I've attached an ebook I wrote below. It is free and goes through the various procedures and options after massive weight loss. 

Again, congrats on your weight loss journey and best wishes in this exciting time in that journey,

Dr. Blagg

Austin, TX

Fleur-de-lis or 360 TT with lipo?

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Thank you for sharing your question and photographs and congratulations on your amazing weight loss.  Depending on what your goal results are I think you would most benefit from a FDL with eventually a circumferential body lift to improve your buttock contour.  This can be done in a single stage or separated into two procedures.  Hope this helps.  

Fleur de lis?

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So basically this depends on your areas of concern and goals.  I am a big fan of the Fleur de lis, if the patient can tolerate the scar in the midline.  If you are concerned about the back and buttocks as well, the fleur de lis will not address that as well. Congratulations on your weight loss...you do look great.  This is the next step for you to feel great.  Hope this helps.


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Hello and thank you for your question . I specialize in post massive weight loss body contouring and after reviewing your photos believe that a lower body lift will give you an excellent result without the need for a vertical midline scar. A fleur-de-lis can give a very nice result but does not take care of your buttocks or upper outside thigh. A breast augmentation or arm lift can be done at the same time and at a second surgical session the thighs and whichever of arm or breast was not done at the first session will be done with the thighs .

Peter Fisher M.D 

Weight loss Fleur de lis

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Good for you with your weight loss. I rarely need to do a vertical incision with body lifting. There are many ways to correct your skin excess. I prefer 360 first to lift the butt and fix the lateral thighs with the tummy. Second stage is medial thighs wit other items such as breast, arms and any adjustment to the tummy.

Just pick and experienced post bariatric plastic surgeon and look at their results.

Good luck

Mark Eberbach, MD
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Fleur de lis or 360?

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Thanks for this good question. I generally favor fleur de lis first and back excision second as a staged procedure.

In a 360 you are pulling the body forward and backwards at the same time. I think this can limit the amount of tissue removed. I would rather do the front first and get the tighest abdomen I can without worrying about tension on the back incision. Ones the front is healed I can then get the tightest back.

This is just my opinion, but I hope the push me pull me concept makes sense as you choose. 

Best wishes.

Fleur-de-lis Tummy Tuck

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Honestly, the right choice is really going to depend on your desired expectations. Based on your photos, I am leaning towards the fleurs-de-lis Tummy Tuck with liposuction of the back. Perhaps it might be smart to book a second in person consultation with another board certified plastic surgeon in your area to get another opinion?


Kouros Azar

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