How Much Does Otoplasty Cost?

average ear surgery cost

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Cost of an Otoplasty

The proper procedure is a complex decision process determined based on your desires, anatomy, practicality, previous injuries, etc. This is usually determined at the time of the initial consultation but may need to be adjusted intra-operatively.

Surgery is anywhere from 1-2 hours and is performed on an outpatient basis.

We generally recommend that you take a week off work during which you will wear a continuous compressive dressing to maintain the positioning of the ears. After the week you must avoid strenuous physical activity for three weeks and wear a head band type dressing over the ears while you sleep for the following two weeks. Certain other splints/dressings may be required during the first 1-3 weeks. Contact sports must be avoided for 3 months.

The surgery can be done in several different places (hospital, office surgical suite, or surgicenter) and the prices vary accordingly with the last being the most affordable.

Although I understand your desire to obtain the price; I can't give you a fixed price for several reasons. Prices depend on:
Extent of the procedure and need for graft/implant materials
Do you want it performed in an office, surgicenter or in a hospital setting?
Do you want a nurse, a surgeon, or a credentialed anesthesiologist to perform anesthesia?
Do you want me to provide you with dressings & garments or do you want to buy them?
Insurance coverage; functional portions may be covered, cosmetic portion will not be covered)
Depending on these factors otoplasty can range anywhere from $4000 up to $10,000. Think about it and make the right choice. For your information our typical cost currently averages about $4500 which includes surgeon's fees (accredited outpatient surgicenter, certified anesthesiologists, and initial dressings). Many other options are available and prices do vary accordingly.

We use financing through a lending institution. Your rate depends upon your credit rating and generally averages about 14.9%. We will provide you with the contact following consultation. Arrangements for the financing are carried out exclusively between you and the finance company. Your terms of payment can be flexible. However, we do expect you to pay prior to scheduling surgery.

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How much does otoplasty cost?

Costs for an otoplasty will certainly vary depending on your location. Things to factor in for the procedure standpoint will be the facility fee, anesthesia fee, surgeon fee, other fees (e.g., surgical garment, etc.).   A range in price ~$3000-6000 is not unreasonable. $3-5K would be a reasonable cost on average. A consultation with a plastic surgeon will help you in determining which procedure(s) would be the right one for you. Cost also depends on the complexity of your case and how much work would need to be done to achieve an aesthetically-pleasing result for you. Good luck!

Lewis Albert Andres, MD
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Otoplasty price range

Our costs in the Jacksonville area are approximately 3500 dollars for the procedure and are slightly more when anesthesia is required. Costs in other areas can vary significantly. 

Scott Trimas, MD
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Otoplasty Cost

The cost of otoplasty surgery varies. Our practice The Plastic Surgery Institute of Southeast Texas, the cost for otoplasty starts at $5000 which includes the surgeon fee, facility fee, supplies and anesthesia fee.

Leo Lapuerta, MD
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Otoplasty cost,

Hello and thanks for this excellent question.
The cost of the surgery is typically around 4.5 to 5k. This includes the surgeon fee, Operating room fee and anesthesiology fee. 
The fee depends the extent, and the degree of correction that is needed.
I would suggest that you go to a consultations with a board certified plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and ideally a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) or facial plastic surgeon.
During the consultation, you can discuss your concerns, answer questions and together work to build the surgical plan that will help you achieve your overall desired look.
You should meet a surgeon who has a great reputation and passion for this artistic and rewarding procedure. During the consultation, a digital photography can be used to show you what can and can not be accomplished.

Best wishes,
Dr Sajjadian

Ali Sajjadian, MD, FACS
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Cost of Otoplasty

Otoplasty in Canada can range depending on if one ear is being corrected or both or just a portion of the ear. Generally Otoplasty  costs between $2500- $4500. The best option is to schedule a consultation so that a customized quote can be made for you.

Cory Torgerson, MD, PhD, FRCSC
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Ear pinning Otoplasty Costs, Connecticut

Cost for cosmetic surgery generally vary for place to place. Otoplasty cost are around $3000-7000 depending on where you live, skill of your surgeon and what type of anesthesia you require. All the best.

Alfred Sofer, MD, FACS
Fairfield Plastic Surgeon
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Cost of otoplasty - Houston and The Woodlands, TX

The cost of otoplasty can vary quite a bit. Depending upon the age of the patient, the complexity of the desired correction, as well as where it is performed - either in the office under local anesthesia, or in the operating room under general anesthesia. 

An office-based procedure offers significant savings in terms of anesthesia and facility fees, and can run from 2500-4500 dollars.

If an operating room and general anesthesia are needed, these fees run between 1500-3000 dollars.

I recommend being evaluated by a plastic surgeon to obtain an individualized quote that would be more useful to you - good luck in your search!

Bryan Correa, MD
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Otoplasty cost

The average cost for cosmetic ear surgery in Toronto, Ontario, is from $6000 to $8000.The cost depends on the problem you'd like to have corrected and the extent of correction. 

Otoplasty cost

Otoplasty prices will vary by your region of the country. It also depends on if it is done under general or local anesthesia. In my area it would be between 3000 to 5000.

Jon E. Rast, MD
Kansas City Plastic Surgeon
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