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Dont really wanna go asking friends for advice on finding the right rhinplasty doctor for my nose job. What is best way to find the best? Cheers. - K.

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Keys to Choosing the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon

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Choosing the right surgeon is the most important decision you can make when considering rhinoplasty (nose job surgery).

Because rhinoplasty is generally considered the most difficult procedure in cosmetic surgery , finding the best rhinoplasty surgeon is essential for obtaining the best rhinoplasty results. Follow these key points to help you narrow your search for the right doctor for you:

  • Research Your Doctors Credentials: Your rhinoplasty surgeon should be Board Certified in either Plastic Surgery or Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose, & Throat Surgery). Not all "cosmetic surgeons" have completed the rigorous training that is required to become Board Certified in either one of these specialities. It is important to find a surgeon who understands both the aesthetic (cosmetic) aspects of nasal surgery as well as the functional aspects.
  • Choose a Surgeon Who Specializes in Nasal Surgery: It is important to realize that not all plastic surgeons, nor all ENT surgeons, routinely perform rhinoplasty in their practices. It is imperatice to find one that does. Rhinoplasty takes considerable experience and training to get predictable results. Inquire about what percentage of the doctor's practice is devoted to nasal surgery.
  • View the Surgeons Rhinoplasty Before & After Results: Most rhinoplasty surgeons maintain a portfolio of examples of their results that compare before and after photos, and many qualified rhinoplasty surgeons have a "Results Gallery" on their websites. You can tell alot about your potential results by looking to see their previous work.
  • Ask to See Simulated Results: Your rhinoplasty surgeon should analyze your pre-operative photographs with you and be able to show you graphically their intended results. Some physicians prefer to use tracing paper to overlay your photographs, while others may show your photos with computer morphing software.
  • Trust Your Instincts: Finding a rhinoplasty surgeon who understands your goals, expectations, and desires. Communication is paramount, and you should feel comfortable with your surgeon. Trust your gut.

Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Best rhinoplasty surgeon

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To increase your chances of having a good outcome after rhinoplasty these are some of the things to look for in a surgeon:

  • Performs a large number of rhinoplasty procedures per year (ideally over 100)
  • Has good before and after results
  • Can show you a simulation of what he/she plans to do for your nose
  • Has been performing rhinoplasty for at least 5 years, preferably 10 - 15 years
  • Is experienced in advanced rhinoplasty techniques such as open rhinoplasty
  • If seeking a revision, ideally your surgeon should be experienced in ear cartilage grafting and rib cartilage grafting

Sam Naficy, MD, FACS
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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It's your face, it's important! How do you choose a rhinoplasty surgeon carefully?

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Great question! Choosing a surgeon for your operation is the most important decision of the entire process. So it's very important you feel confident and informed with your selection.
  1. Look for a ton of before and after images, very important to see frontal views, not just side views!
  2. Research doctors and their credentials. Look at doctors in my area, their reviews, if they are rhinoplasty specialists, and their certifications.
  3. Consult with at least two surgeons, possibly three.
  4. Ask for a photo preview of your expected results. Ask tons of questions about the procedure the doctor would plan, what problems could they foresee, how would they react to the problems, etc.
  5. You want someone who had been doing rhinoplasties for at least 5 years, specializes in it, and is passionate about doing rhinoplasties.
  6. Trust your instincts. Go with the doctor you feel most comfortable with and confident in. If you have hesitations, trust those instincts too! Don't move forward if you don't feel ready.
Good luck in your search!
For some examples of Rhinoplasty procedures I have performed, please click the link below.

David C. Mabrie, MD
Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Look and you shall find the nose expert best for you

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This is a very important question you ahve asked.

First of all, the word "best" is very subjective. What's most important is that you find an rhinplasty specialist that is best for YOUR nose. This is a challenging task. You may have to travel out of state or sometimes out of the country.

The basics are important in your search, such as:

A board certified plastic surgeon or facial palstc surgeon.

Has "done a lot of noses." Has done diffcult noses (ethnic, revisions, challenging shapes). Any surgeon can simply remove a hump but look carefully at multiple views of the same patient and you will see the artistry involved in shaping of the tip and creating balance.

You should like his before after results and the pictures are ethical with no camera "tricks". There shouldn't just be profile views showing only reduction of a hump and not much else.

The hard part is to narrow your search. You can start by requesting a phone consult after your have emailed pictures to your suegon. By talking with your surgeon, something should click that say, "this doctor knows what he is talking about and I feel confident in him."

It helps if your surgeon has lectured at conferences, written in medical textbooks and journals. These types of accomplishments are more rare and can help narrow your search. Only those that continue to write and lecture on their technqiues are the ones responsible for advancing the specialty of rhinoplasty.


Ashkan Ghavami, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty surgery requires the unique set of talents: ...

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Rhinoplasty surgery requires the unique set of talents:

•An understanding of aesthetics and beauty

•Understanding the complex three dimensional anatomy of the nose (both inside and out)

•Technical skill

•Understanding of nasal physiology

•Experience, experience, experience

(and finally, in my opinion):
•Humility and an appreciation of all the great rhinoplasty surgeons' work of the past century

Ideally, your surgeon should have all of these traits. The best rhinoplasty surgeons usually specialize in plastic surgery within the head & neck. It is important to ask your surgeon about his/her experience and training in the field. Besides asking for examples of actual results, you should determine:
(note that these are important items in any doctor/patient relationship)
•Do I communicate well with this doctor?
•Does he/she take the time to explain the possibilities *and* limitations of what can be achieved?
•Does he/she take the time to explain risks and benefits?
•How many doe s/he perform each year?

Bonus question:
•Does he/she get invited regularly to lecture at national or international conference on the topic?

You should probably seek more than one opinion, and good surgeons understand this.

Finally, ask for before/after simulations. I find that this is an important part of my patient consultation, as it helps us both understand the goals of the procedure and helps determine if the surgeon/patient relationship is the 'right fit'.

Sam Most, MD
Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty, Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty, Nasal Refinement, Nose Job, Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon

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I have been performing Rhinoplasty for over 20 years.  The best Rhinoplasty surgeons have the fiollowing things in common:

  • great aesthetic judgement
  • vast Rhinoplasty experience
  • rigorous Rhinoplasty training

 There simply is no substitute for training, experience and sound aesthetic judgement.  You will have to IMO, pay for several consults with top Rhinoplasty surgeons you can find by the content and quality of their websites.  During the consultation get a feel of whether, or not, they understand the beauty of the nose as outlined in my new book on the aesthetics of beauty "What's Your Number...the palmer code".  

 Do not look for bargains, free consults or cut rate surgical prices as the top Rhinoplasty surgeons don't offer these.  See real before and after photos of their patients, in their office not onlline pictures that can be photo shoped or a computer image enhancement that's not acheivable in real life.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
4.7 out of 5 stars 28 reviews

Finding the "Best" Rhinoplasty Surgeon

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  1. Ask your doctor for a recommendation
  2. Look for Board Certification in Plastic Surgery or Otolaryngology
  3. Ask the right questions:

 Credentials and Experience
Are you board certified?  If so, by what board and for how long?
 Have you ever been disciplined by the board or by the state?
 How many rhinoplasties have you performed?
 How many revisions of your own work, on average, do you have to perform?
How many rhinoplasties do you perform on average, annually?
 Can I look at a portfolio of before-and-after photos, and not just your perfect ones?
 May I speak with any of patients who have had rhinoplasty by you?

Preparation and Recovery
Would there be any reason that I would not be a good candidate for a rhinoplasty?
What are the complications for rhinoplasty?
 How far in advance is it necessary to schedule a surgery date?
 How long do you recommend I take off from work, school, etc. to heal properly?
What medications will I be given; which pain medications do you normally prescribe?
What tips do you have for me to ease some discomfort and pain?
 After surgery, will my nose be packed?  With what type of packing?  For how long?
 When should I expect to look "normal" again?
Will I have scarring? If so, how bad will it be?
 Must I follow any special diet, both preoperatively and postoperatively?
 I wear eyeglasses. Will I be able to wear them the day after surgery on top of the cast? When can I wear my glasses normally?
 I take (birth control, diet pills, antidepressants, etc.). Will I have any adverse reactions from the prescribed medications or anesthesia?
 What are your routines and appointments for postoperative care?
 If I will need sutures, when will they be taken out?
 If I need anything after-hours after the surgery, how can I get in touch with you or your staff?
 If I have an emergency the night after surgery, what should I do?
 If such an emergency arises, will you be the attending physician?
 How long after the surgery will I be able to exercise, run, or participate in contact sports?

Technique and Anesthesia
What kind of anesthesia do you use for rhinoplasty? Why?
Do you offer any other anesthesia options?
 Who will administer anesthesia and what are that person's credentials?
What structural changes to my nose will you need to do?
 Will I need a graft?  If so, what kind?
Do you prefer to perform your procedures open or closed? Why?
 Where will the surgery be performed?
If the surgery will not be done in a hospital, is the surgery center or suite accredited?
 Do you have hospital privileges and, if so, at what hospitals?
If you don't have hospital privileges, why not?

  Do you believe my expectations can be met?
What if I have a complication?
 If my results are not what I wanted, what is your policy on a revision?
 What if I change my mind and back out, will my money be refunded?
Are there any other costs for lab work, postoperative check-ups, prescriptions/medications?
 Do you offer financing?
When is payment due?

Paul C. Zwiebel, MD
Denver Plastic Surgeon
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Finding the best rhinoplasty surgeon

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  There are many factors to look at when  looking for the right  rhinoplasty surgeon:

1. Board Certification:  ENT/ Facial Plastic Surgeon or a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience rhinoplasty is a good start.
2. Extensive experience in rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty  and cartilage grafting techniques. Look for a surgeon who performs 100-200 rhinoplasties per year and has performed  thousands of  rhinoplasty procedures in  their career.
 3.Computer imaging can also be helpful in communication process between the patient and the surgeon. It's also important to  make sure the surgeon can deliver results typical of what shown in the computer imaging.
4. Look for a surgeon who has dedicated  a majority of their practice to the discipline of rhinoplasty.
 5. An extensive photo gallery of before and afters will also demonstrate previous surgical results

William Portuese, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
4.8 out of 5 stars 158 reviews

Rhinoplasty is considered by almost all plastic surgeons...

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Rhinoplasty is considered by almost all plastic surgeons as the most difficult operation that they do. Performing a rhinoplasty operation requires knowing what a nose should look like and how it functions. In my opinion, producing a nose that looks great but you can't breath through is a failed operation. Finding a rhinoplasty surgeon who is trained in the function and aesthetic of the nose is important.

  • Find a surgeon who is honest about what they can deliver while maintaining the function of the nose. Often patients want an aesthetic look that would produce a functional problem. It is the job of the surgeon to educate the patient as to what they can deliver and what is appropriate for the patient.
  • Find a surgeon who understands what a nose should look like. A nose should fit the age of the person it is on, the ethnicity of the person it is on, the sex of the person it is on, and again, should be functional. What looks good on a male face does not necessarily look good on a female face. What looks good on Maria Carey won't necessarily look good on you.
  • Find a surgeon who you are comfortable with. A surgeon can be the absolute best rhinoplasty surgeon in the world, but if you are not comfortable with their bedside manner, you may feel afraid to bring appropriate questions and concerns to them after surgery. This can lead to disasterous results which are often avoidable.
  • Find a surgeon who has an appropriate training. Plastic surgeons and facial plastic surgeons are probably your best bet for performing rhinoplasty. Facial plastic surgeons generally have a background as ear, nose, and throat surgeons before specializing in aesthetic surgery. This ENT backgrounds affords them a unique added education in the function as well as the look of the nose. Some still perform sinus surgery so if you are having sinus symptoms, they can often be taken care of at the same time as your nose surgery.
  • Determine if your goals are functional or aesthetic or both. Do you have problems breathing out of your nose or are you just wanting a change in the way your nose looks?
  • A good surgeon will not be afraid to tell a patient "no" during a consultation. They will also explain all of the risks and benefits of the surgery and understand when patients desire a second or third opinion before pursuing surgery.

D.J. Verret, MD
Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

Finding a surgeon

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If you do not want to discuss this with your friends, that is fine and is very common.  Ask you primary care MD for a recommendation, although they often are not attuned to aesthetic issues so much.  A careful web search avoiding claims that sound too good to be true is a good way.  Look at a lot of photos.  For example,  there are over 30 sets of rhinoplasty photos on my website, and I add more all the time.  Look at all the noses oneache website you visit if you can to get a feel for how the doctor views the aesthetics of the nose.  It is important that you and the doctor have a realistic view and share the same idea about what constitutes a good looking nose. Make sure the doctor specializes in this operation and is board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery or the American Board of Plastic Surgery. 

Stuart H. Bentkover, MD
Boston Facial Plastic Surgeon

These answers are for educational purposes and should not be relied upon as a substitute for medical advice you may receive from your physician. If you have a medical emergency, please call 911. These answers do not constitute or initiate a patient/doctor relationship.