Chalazion Scar Tissue. Will a steroid or Kenalog shot do the trick? (photos)

So far, I've been to one ophthalmologist who recommended surgery. Based on some research, it looks like many times surgery is recommended because it's more profitable. I'm wondering if a Kenalog injection is what I need instead? I'm trying to leave surgery as last resort. Mainly because I don't want to be two weeks without exercise! Thanks four help/feedback

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From this picture doesn't look like you have a big chalazion.  And how long have you had it?  They can often slowly resolve with warm compresses over a couple of months.  A kenalog shot is always an option and frequently can get rid or the nodule.  If it persists and bothers you then you can have surgery.  Not sure who told you no exercise for 2 weeks.  Usually a few days is plenty. 

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Chalazion Scar Tissue. Will a steroid or Kenalog shot do the trick?

Hello C47v3770,
I would agree with the others that what you have is not very noticeable.  Usually a kenalog injection will significantly improve your chalazion, and if not, surgery could then be performed.  Even if surgery were performed, there shouldn't be two weeks of downtime.  The incision does not go deep enough to run the risk of significant bleeding if you were to proceed with surgery.  With deeper incisions such as a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) then I also agree with two weeks of no exercise, but not with removing a chalazion or scar tissue.
I hope this helps and good luck.  

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If you are seeing a surgeon who only operates on these, you might need a different doctor.

From this picture, I do not see much of a chalazia.  The kenalog is very good. I would definitely start there and not have surgery first.  I personally see very few people who don't respond to kenalog for these.

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Challenges of Chalazia (Styes) and Tarsal Plate Cysts

Chalazia (Styes) start as a red, inflamed area and for many people simply resolve on their own or with warm compresses. However, in some people they remain and persist as a tarsal plate cyst (Lump) on the eyelid.  These are almost never dangerous yet most of my patients do not like the cosmetic appearance.  The best treatment in my hands has always been surgery which is done in the office under local anesthesia and helps the condition resolve much more quickly than simply waiting.  I am not an advocate of Kenalog injections as they may result in skin hypopigmentation (lighter color in the area of injection) are often painful, and are not actually correcting the underlying problem which is a cyst/blocked gland in the eyelid.  I suggest you seek out an experienced eyelid surgeon (Oculoplastic surgeon) to evaluate any further therapies/treatment options.  Best of luck in your search

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