Could I break my nose "accidentally" and got to the hospital to get rhinoplasty? (Photo)

Sadly I was born with a dorsal hump and I was wondering if I could brake my nose "accidentally" and go to the hospital and get a rinoplasty I know which bone it is and willing to brake it I would get plastic surgery but I feel a embarrassed by it and I'm not good of a lier to say I broke it & don't have a lot of money to buy it ,since I'm 15 and my nose stoped growing I would like to not have dorsal hump for graduation and I know it would help with my self esteem but yeah thanks for your answers

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Could I break my nose "accidentally" and got to the hospital to get rhinoplasty? (Photo)

Seriously?? This is called fraud and unethical. Any surgeon who lends him or herself to defrauding insurance companies should have their licenses revoked and be handed over to law enforcement.  Any patient who would even think this way if really off on the wrong foot. Good. Luck

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Could I break my nose "accidentally" and got to the hospital to get rhinoplasty?

Only a few major ethical issues being presented here! The first is "fraud". So you want a licensed medical doctor to lie to the insurance company that you had an accident causing the fracture or injury? This equates to loss of license to practice in Florida plus . The second issue is one of self injury. The amount of forced needed to cause a nasal fracture is very great. Additionally as a doctor I would be concerned you would self injure or mutilate yourself, you might have some psychologic issues here. Third, you are only 15 years of age, you need parental consent to have surgery..Fourth issue, cosmetic rhinoplasty is not the same as reduction of a nasal fracture, therefore the insurance would not apply. Best to see a few boarded surgeons in person with a parent, obtain a fee to ave the operation and start saving...

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Could I break my nose "accidentally" and got to the hospital to get rhinoplasty?

This is called insurance fraud- to intentionally sustain an injury with the intent of defrauding the insurance company to pay for a cosmetic rhinoplasty. So - the answer is no. If you present to the emergency room with a nasal bone fracture- the treating physician is obligated to correct the injury to its pre-injury condition-- nothing more. That said - you are a great candidate for a cosmetic rhinoplasty- this would include narrowing and raising your tip, improving your profile, narrowing your nose and possibly nostril reduction. At this point- if i were you- I would focus on improving my knowledge, experience, skill and training- so that i could move up in value my employment capabilities.

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Trying to get insurance to pay for your rhinoplasty

Unfortunately, your idea for this is what is known as fraud.  The insurance company will see right through this, and not only will you still end up financially responsible for the surgery, you might face legal charges as well.  Don't do it.

Thomas Fiala, MD
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You can't get a cosmetic rhinoplasty to fix a broken nose

Actually, fixing a broken nose would NOT give you the cosmetic result you want, so please do not intentionally break your nose!
Speak to your parents about your concerns. You might have success by looking for a teaching hospital where the otolaryngology residents could perform your surgery for a reduced rate.
I had my nose fixed when I was 15 and it helped my self-exteem a lot--best of luck to you!!!

Theda C. Kontis, MD
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Absolutely not, you can not break your nose and go to the hospital and get a rhinoplasty

In fact if you did accidentally break your nose, you could go to the hospital and be referred to a plastic surgeon who would evaluate the shape of your broken nose and determine if you needed a closed reduction. You certainly would not be a candidate for a formal rhinoplasty for at least 6 months after the fracture. 

The most important issue is you should never injure yourself intentionally. 

When you do see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, your nose will be completely evaluated both inside and out. There is much more to evaluate then just the dorsal hump. There is the hump, the dorsal width, the mid vault, the tip and projection of the tip and the septum and turbinates. To not consider all of these features will leave the patient with a less then excellent result. I would recommend that you get a part time job while you are in high school, save your money and consult with a Plastic Surgeon. Good luck and be kind to yourself

Carl W. "Rick" Lentz III, MD
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Don't do it!

Hey you! I insist that you do not take this course of action. Don't break your nose it's not worth it. If you want to have a rhinoplasty you need to go to a university hospital and see if they will do your surgery in a clinic with residents under supervision by an attending physician at a reduced cost to you. It makes no sense to hurt yourself. Just stop. Be safe.

 Dr. Burnett

Carlos Burnett, MD, FACS
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